One UI 6 gives you more control over app updates

Samsung offers several customization options that allow users to personalize the device’s functions. And with every new generation, Samsung is continuously expanding more options, like now we know that with the upcoming One UI 6, users will have the option to regulate the updates of applications with Android versions.

If we talk about previous versions, Samsung automatically updates the application, which is owned by the company and is not sideloaded or installed through any store, including the Google Play Store and the Galaxy Store. But with the new One UI skin, users will now be able to update select apps when installing major updates.

List of countries and phones that can join the One UI 6.0 Beta Program

How can you stop apps from updating with a new One UI update?

Whenever you want to update your Galaxy device, you surely read the software update page where you see the changelog, which contains all the changes made with the new update. Along with this, sometimes it also tells about the apps that are about to update with the new update. Now in this section, Samsung has added the option “Choose apps to update.” By tapping it, you will be redirected to the list of apps that are built-in. Here,  you will see a toggle for every app, so if you do not want to update the app, you just have to turn it off. It will be available in the existing version after you update the app.

Still, apps will be updated to the new version

Even after turning off the automatic update by the new software iteration, applications will still be updated to new versions. The main reason behind this is that these apps may get updates from the Galaxy Store or Google Play Store, which allows apps to get updated to the latest version whenever available, so if you want to fully restrict the app from new updates, you have to turn off the automatic update from the stores as well. Sometimes developers make changes to the apps from the servers, so it will not be eradicated by any means. 

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