September 2023 security update rolls out for the Galaxy S20, Galaxy A52, and Galaxy A54 in the US

The September month is coming to an end, and Samsung is planning to distribute the latest patch update to all devices before this month’s end. The company already introduced the September 2023 patch to almost all of the devices, but due to carrier restrictions, several devices are now getting the update, including the Galaxy A52, Galaxy A54, and Galaxy S20 Series.

The September 2023 update doesn’t bring any innovation for the devices, so don’t expect any new features with the update; however, the update will bring some improvements for the Galaxy devices. The main aim of the update is to enhance the overall security of the devices.

Moreover, according to the official documentation of Samsung, the September 2023 update includes more than 60 fixes; 27 were included by Google and 34 were included by Samsung for enhancing the overall performance and stability of the devices.

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The September 2023 update is currently available for the carrier-locked variant of the Galaxy A52 with firmware version number A526USQSBEWH4. The Galaxy A54 is getting an update with firmware version number A546USQU5AWH6. Additionally, the Galaxy S20 Seris devices are grabbing the update with firmware version number G98*USQS7HWI1. It is worth noticing that the latest update is also available for the unlocked variants as well.

The latest update for the Galaxy A52 is now available on US Cellular. The Galaxy A54 is getting the update on several carriers, including T-Mobile, MetroPCS, Dish Wireless, Comcast (Xfinity), and Spectrum Mobile. Meanwhile, the Galaxy S20 is getting an update on the US Cellular Network. The update is expected to be available on more carriers in the next few days.

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