Samsung Dominates Smartphone Market in 95 Countries

Samsung has surely emerged as the leading manufacturer in the smartphone industry; however, there is always competition between South Korean tech and Apple. A recent study from the Electronics Hub proved that Samsung is the leader when it comes to smartphones, and the firm dominates its position in 95 nations out of 171 countries around the globe. Samsung is the top smartphone brand globally in 95 countries, according to a report, with a market share of an astounding 74% in Fiji. This comes as a shocking surprise, as Fuji’s market share overtakes the birthplace of Samsung, Korea, leaving it with the 14% highest score.

Samsung’s Smartphone Dominance Continues

The firm also dominates a few other nations, including Somalia, where it leads with 71.89% of the market. In addition, Samsung has continued to grow its market share in other nations, including Guyana with 64.72% and Lithuania with 8.24%. With 60.10% of the market, South Koreans are likewise major supporters of the domestic brand. Now coming to the major rivals of Samsung, the survey discovered that Apple only holds a monopoly in 51 nations, with Japan serving as their largest market rather than the US, where they enjoy an incredible 69.8% market share. But the Japanese market doesn’t offer a great result for Samsung, with a 6.4% share.

With only 1.78% of the market share in countries like China, Samsung continues to struggle, although compared to the earlier reports where the market share was below 1%, this time the share was greatly improved. Chinese brands top in the 25 countries, and this is the reason for Samsung’s fall with the local manufacturers leading the troop. More than anywhere else on the globe, Xiaomi’s dominance of the Eritrean market surged by 12.85%. In contrast, Xiaomi’s market share in Ukraine decreased the most—7.35%—possibly as a result of the company being branded as an international sponsor of war.

In a number of Southeast Asian nations, topped by Bhutan (33.10%), the Chinese technology company Vivo claims sizable market shares for mobile devices. With the fifth-highest rate globally, Vivo saw its share of the Indian mobile phone market grow by 1.46%. Timor-Leste (26.79%) and other Southeast Asian nations are among those where the Chinese brand Oppo claims to have significant market shares.

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