Samsung Exceeds with Four Years of Software Support for Select Devices

Samsung is swiftly moving towards bringing new-generation Galaxy devices, but due to its strict software policy, the company has retired several Galaxy devices this year. For your information, last year the Korean giant issued a software update policy where it mentioned that the company will give a maximum of four years of Android updates and five years of software updates. But the devices that were released before 2022 were not included, and some of them are not now eligible for any updates.

These older flagship Galaxy devices are no longer eligible for updates

There are several devices that have already been ditched from the software update session, but today we will talk about the devices that got retired this year. Here are some devices that belong to the Galaxy S lineup, including the Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10+, Galaxy Note 10, Galaxy Note 10 5G, Galaxy Note 10+, Galaxy Note 10+ 5G, and Galaxy Note 10+. All these devices were launched back in 2019, and they are only eligible for a maximum of four years of software updates.

Some Miderang smartphones and tablets have also stopped getting updates this year

Samsung has retired some Galaxy A series devices as well, including the Galaxy A80, Galaxy A40, Galaxy A10, Galaxy A30, and Galaxy A50. These devices were introduced back in 2019 and come with the promise of getting a maximum four-year security update. All these devices got their new generation in the market, which is available with specifications, and this is the main reason that Samsung has decided to remove them from the software update session.

One UI 6.0 will be the big software update for Galaxy devices

Along with these three older tablets, we have also stopped getting new updates for devices including the Galaxy A10.1, Galaxy Tab S5e, and Galaxy Tab S6, as well as some rugged devices including the Galaxy Xcover Field Pro and Galaxy XCover 4S.

Now, what should you do if you own these devices?

Most of these devices are running on Android 12, so they are still eligible to do several things. Currently, Google has prepared many new apps that are still working fine, but if you are concerned about the security of your data, it is recommended that you switch to a new device if your device has not received security updates for more than six months.

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