Samsung Maintains Rigid and Flexible OLED Dominance in Third Quarter

Stone Partners, a startup base, reports that Samsung was the main provider of smartphone flexible OLEDs in the third quarter of 2023, as it has delivered around 55 million units. Samsung was also a major player in the rigid OLED industry, delivering 30.1 million devices in the third quarter. The shared statistic represents a considerable increase over the same period last year, when they shipped 20.2 million devices. During the third quarter, Samsung Display’s rigid OLEDs captured an amazing market rate of 86%.

The major reason behind the increased demand for Samsung Display’s stiff OLEDs may lie behind Samsung’s Galaxy A series, such as the A24, A34, and A54 models. As per the reports, it is suggested that 37.3 million smartphone rigid OLED units were supplied in the third quarter worldwide. This is somewhat an increase from 33.7 million in the previous year and 34.8 million compared to the previous quarter. This sector, together with flexible OLEDs, accounts for a sizable portion of the OLED market. Its market share in this category declined to 47.8% in the fourth quarter in a row that it dipped below 50%. It enjoyed a 62.5% market share in the third quarter of the previous year.

As Apple is keenly extending its supply base, South Korean tech will face heavy competition from other manufacturers like LG and BOE. Chinese smartphone manufacturers are also expanding their procurement of low-cost flexible OLED panels from domestic panel manufacturers, undermining Samsung’s hegemony. Also claimed, BOE was the second largest provider of smartphone flexible OLEDs in the third quarter, as it shipped 23.1 million units and secured a 20.1% market share. Other businesses like CSOT, Tienma, Visionox, and LG all play a major part in this market.

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