Samsung Cloud Gaming Service on the Horizon

Samsung Electronics intends to debut a cloud gaming platform solely for Galaxy mobile products on the 5th at the ‘Samsung Developer Conference 2023’ in San Francisco, USA. As of now, the beta version is being tested across North America, including the United States and Canada. The card that was selected was ‘Cloud Game Platform’ after considerable consideration about bringing anything innovative. The objective is to provide a range of games and earn service revenue through the installation of about 1 billion Galaxy phones globally. To attract a diverse range of games, Samsung Electronics is considering methods to collaborate with worldwide game producers with no additional subscription costs.

But the users of Galaxy smartphones must pay fees to the firm in order to utilize cloud gaming services such as NVIDIA’s ‘GeForce Now’ or several popular games via the platform. The cloud gaming platform is a service that delivers mobile games in real time. It allows Galaxy users to enjoy popular games more simply once the platform is introduced. As a convenience, you can play games in real time without having to buy a console or download games from Google and Apple’s app stores. Also, Samsung Electronics intends to charge gaming makers lower platform service costs than Apple and Google.

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Through the cloud gaming platform, the firm is expected to get commissions from gaming businesses. It increases as the number of Galaxy users who play games through cloud platforms grows. A ‘private pilot service’ was established in Canada earlier this year, and a ‘public pilot service’ is presently underway throughout North America. Popular games can be played on your smartphone without spending a million won on a gaming display or a console like the PlayStation or Xbox, which costs 600,000 to 700,000 won. A ‘third sales channel’ is created in addition to Apple and Google’s app marketplaces when the company’s games are integrated into the gaming platform of Galaxy devices.

As per the research company Counterpoint Research, smartphone sales are predicted to drop by 6% this year to 1.15 billion units. Samsung would have thought it was impossible to survive by selling only gadgets, and that’s why it entered the cloud gaming platform sector. It is also notable that ‘Gaming Hub,’ a cloud gaming platform particularly for smart TVs, was also released in July 2022. A senior executive reviewed, “The number of smartphones distributed is more than five times that of TVs,” indicating “the growth potential of the smartphone platform service market is greater.” 

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