Samsung Could Develop Its Own Custom Smartphone GPU?

Back in 2019, Samsung and AMD announced their collaboration to license the AMD RDNA graphics architecture, which would lead to the co-development of Samsung Xclipse, a mobile graphics processing unit (GPU) based on the AMD RDNA 2 architecture, in 2022. They partnered to introduce AMD Radeon graphics capability to Exynos CPUs, with the Exynos 2200 being the only product featuring the Xclipse 920 GPU. Xclipse was the first mobile GPU with hardware-accelerated ray-tracing and variable-rate shading, allowing console-like gameplay on mobile devices.

But it seems now that the collaboration is coming to an end. The reason behind this may be its failed result in terms of graphical performance. The Exynos 2400 processor is now slated to be released early next year with an AMD-based GPU, and it will power up the S24 and S24+ from the Galaxy S24 series. It is also claimed to perform better in terms of graphical performance compared to the Galaxy S22 series. Now rumors surface that Samsung’s System LSI is considering ending its mobile GPU relationship with AMD.

It is reported that System LSI is trying to build its own GPUs rather than relying on other third-party vendors. The business intends to become self-sufficient by 2025 by creating in-house technology in the AI, automotive, and graphics industries. Samsung Electronics’ System LSI division manufactures Exynos CPUs, ISOCELL photo sensors, and other electronics. We can expect the Galaxy S25 to have Samsung’s in-house GPU within the Exynos processor.

We need to wait for an official announcement before coming to any conclusion, or else a flagship Exynos CPU without an AMD RDNA-based GPU will also make it evident. Other than the Exynos 2200, mid-range chipsets like the Exynos 1430 and Exynos 1480 are also anticipated to include an AMD GPU.

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