Samsung Notes are no longer available on non-Galaxy Book computers

A few months ago, Samsung stopped allowing its Samsung Notes app to function on non-Samsung PCs and laptops other than the Samsung Book. As a result, users were not able to use the software installed from the Microsoft Store on Windows 10 or 11. However, there were some solutions to overcome the issue, but now this too goes in vain. Samsung Notes are no longer available on non-Samsung computers as the firm started blocking them, according to reports from Reddit.

Samsung Notes allows users to create beautiful artwork and memos with a S Pen. With this, users may write notes with text, photos with footnotes, voice recordings, and music with Samsung Notes. Furthermore, you can effortlessly publish your notes on social media. Memos previously created in S Note and Memo may also be transferred into Samsung Notes. Originally debuted with the Galaxy Note model, gradually extending with the S Pen, and several Galaxy smartphones and tablets received Samsung Notes support, enabling syncing of customer data.

Users who have the Samsung Notes app already installed on their laptops and PCs will be asked to log in to their own Samsung account once again. After signing in, there pops up a notification stating,This app only works with Galaxy Books.” We can expect this move from Samsung as a plan to bring some new functionalities that will be exclusively available to Samsung Gear. Something like the Auto Switch function, which allows linking more than one Galaxy wearable device and easily switching between them.

However, users of Galaxy phones and tablets who have stored their data in Samsung Notes would be unable to use their data on their PCs when this feature goes out. Apple, Google, and Microsoft enable users to use their programs through a web browser; in other words, users who don’t own a first-party laptop can do so. It is important to note that Samsung Notes doesn’t have any online versions similar to this.

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