Samsung Foundry to Produce 3nm Server Chips for US Company

According to a news statement from ADTechnology, a South Korean contract chip designer, Samsung Foundry has received an order to produce a server-grade CPU for an international firm employing 3nm-class process technology with gate-all-around (GAA) transistors. A 3nm chiplet or chiplets paired with HBM memory will power the 2.5D system-in-package. Samsung’s roadmap includes at least three 3nm-class manufacturing technologies that use GAA transistors. The business is presently producing chips for bitcoin mining using its early SF3E production node.

Nonetheless, the business will have an SF3 technology geared toward more advanced system-on-chips (SoCs) for a variety of applications, including potentially server-grade devices, by next year. Furthermore, the business has developed a performance-enhanced SF3P manufacturing technique that is better suited to server CPUs. Despite becoming the first contract fab to formally begin mass production of chips using 3nm-class technology, Samsung Foundry’s newest method has primarily been restricted to making small cryptocurrency mining chips.

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Samsung’s foundry division stated this week that it has received a larger order for a server-grade system-in-package (SiP) with HBM memory for an undisclosed customer. The business plans to introduce improved SF3 process technology next year. This node version adds design freedom by altering the nanosheet channel lengths of the GAA device within the same cell type. All of this improves the performance, power, and area characteristics of SF3 over SF3E, making it more appropriate for server architectures. The business is also preparing SP3P technology with a performance increase for 2025, when server-grade silicon is expected to be even better.

It is still unknown which of Samsung Foundry’s three nm-class process technologies will be used for the project. As of now, the firm is creating cryptocurrency mining ASICs with its SF3E process technology, which is the first generation of Samsung’s gate-all-around (GAA) manufacturing technology.

Jung Ki-Bong, Vice President of Samsung Electronics Foundry Business Development Team, stated,We are pleased to announce our 3nm design collaboration with AD Technology. This project will set a good precedent in the collaboration program between Samsung Electronics Foundry Division and our ecosystem partners, and Samsung Electronics Foundry Division will strengthen our cooperation with partners to provide the best quality to our customers.”

Park Joon-Gyu, chief executive of AD Technology, said, This 3nm project will be one of the largest semiconductor products in the industry. This 3nm and 2.5D design experience will be a significant differentiation factor between other companies and AD Technology. We will do our utmost to deliver the best design results to our customers.”

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