Good Lock NavStar gets support for One UI 6 with a new update

Samsung has some unique capabilities for customization of different functions; it is all possible because of the One UI skin, which provides compatibility. To add convenience, Samsung has the Good Lock, which provides different types of modulus and offers multiple options that will be used to design the different system functions; the Navstar is also one of them.

Samsung NavStar is one of the most useful modules. It provides different customization options for managing navigation bars; this is only available for Galaxy devices, which support good lock functionality. To improve the function, Samsung has rolled out a new update, which is now live for Galaxy devices.

Get Ready for One UI 6 and Android 14 update

Samsung has brought a fresh update for NavStar with version number With the new update, the company has added support for One UI 6 and also added Japanese language support. Additionally, the update also provides fixes for known bugs and makes the functions more stable.

The latest update for NavStar is available to download. Users who own Samsung devices that support Good Lock can easily install the latest update by going to the Galaxy Store. If you are having any issues, you can update the app from an external source.

NavStar features 

NavStar is a Good Lock module that provides different options dedicated to customizing the navigation bar, so you can do several things with it, such as hide it, change the color, add useful buttons, and change the icon of it with your favorite image.

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