Samsung One UI 6.0 Beta Update-Based on Android 14 [Updated]

Samsung was one of the fastest companies to update its phones to Android 13 last year, and we expect them to be just as fast with Android 14 and One UI 6.0. Google released the stable version of Android 14 a little later this year (early October instead of mid-August), but Samsung started releasing beta versions before that (which were not available in our country, again).

Samsung began the One UI 6 beta program in early August. But initially, it seemed like they were moving slowly compared to last year’s One UI development. However, within a week, they sped things up and expanded the One UI 6 program to include more Galaxy devices. Right now, it’s only available in seven countries. If you want to try the beta version of One UI 6.0 on your phone, you’ll need to sign in with your Samsung account and register your device using the Samsung Members app.

Samsung One UI 6.1 Eligible Devices List and Release Date

Samsung One UI 6.0 Beta is Running in Galaxy smartphones

Initially, Samsung introduced the One UI 6 beta update to the latest Galaxy S series device, the Galaxy S23. In the first phase, it was only available in three countries, including Germany, South Korea, and the US; later, it expanded to more countries. Samsung has already given the device three beta updates. While further development is underway, the company has also now opened the One UI 6 beta program for two more Galaxy S series devices, including the Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S22. Additionally, the company has also added two mid-range devices, including the Galaxy A34 and Galaxy A54.

One UI 6.0 beta testing Current Status

Galaxy DevicesBeta StageCountry
Galaxy S23 Series7th Beta in progressChina, Germany, the UK, Poland, South Korea, India, and the US
Galaxy S22 Series2nd Beta in progressSouth Korea (2), the US (1), India (2), the UK (2)
Galaxy S21 Series2nd Beta in progressSouth Korea (2), the US (1)
Galaxy A54 5G1st Beta in progressSouth Korea and the UK
Galaxy A34 5G3rd Beta in progressIndia (3) and the UK (1)
Galaxy A53 5G2nd Beta in progressIndia
Galaxy Z Fold 52nd Beta in ProgressThe UK, Korea, India, and the US
Galaxy Z Flip 51st Beta in ProgressSouth Korea
Galaxy Z Fold 41st Beta in Progressthe UK, India, South Korea
Galaxy Z Flip 41st Beta in ProgressIndia, South Korea
Galaxy F23 5G1st Beta in ProgressIndia
Galaxy M23 5G1st Beta in ProgressIndia
Galaxy A52s1st Beta in ProgressSouth Korea

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