Galaxy S23 FE’s cooling system will help you stay cool under pressure

With an Exynos processor, Samsung just released the Galaxy S23 FE in certain markets. The Galaxy S22 range, which was powered by the same Exynos 2200, has detected several problems regarding performance, battery life, and overheating issues. These things make users worry about the new FE series, as both ranges are quite identical to each other. To everyone’s amazement, it has resulted in exceptional results, and several things have come to light through a deconstruction video.

PBKreviews dissected the Galaxy S23 FE in order to review the internal development of the gadget and the way it was constructed by the firm.

First up on the disassembly is removing the adhesive-held back glass by prying it off. Next, the glue must be carefully cut between the panel and the device’s body using a pry tool. This process is demonstrated in the video by first removing the SIM tray. Samsung has used 20 screws to secure the internal components of the Galaxy S23 FE beneath it. We may unplug the wireless charging coil that detaches from the NFC antenna when those are taken off. This is when the phone’s cooling system is first revealed to us.

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In order to facilitate heat transmission, the charging coil’s bottom has a sizable layer of graphite coated by the manufacturer. For keeping the gadget cool even during the busiest times, the business has placed thermal paste straight on the RAM, as it is visible from the additional graphite piece on the top of the CPU. A sizable copper vapor chamber is seen once the 4,500 mAh battery is removed. The chamber should keep the smartphone cool even when doing the most taxing activities without compromising performance.

When trying to replace the battery, the pull tabs that come with it are quite helpful. The Galaxy S23 FE had a comparatively good repairability score of 8.5 out of 10. Samsung can effectively maintain the phone’s performance by not having to reduce it in order to keep it cool. Maintaining an ideal system temperature also extends the life of the battery, allowing you to play for longer.

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