Samsung could launch a more affordable Galaxy Z Flip phone

Apart from big tech manufacturers like Samsung and Apple, rising brands like Huawei are making their move to bring their products to a large set of customers. Though it is still competing with Apple for the top position on the podium, Huawei is still holding the title of one of the best-known phone brands in China. Compared to other places, Samsung has very little market in Huawei’s native market, and these two didn’t join hands for any ventures. However, Huawei is planning to bring a strong product to the market, which is also key to improving its general user base.

A reliable tipster, Revegnus, on his X platform reveals that within the first half of the next year, Huawei intends to release the P Pocket series, an entry-level flip-type foldable phone that will retail for around $735. So this comes as a hurdle for Samsung, as the firm already has low market value in Huawei’s native market, and also, offering a cheaper foldable may shift the users focus towards an affordable product rather than revolving around the brand.

Samsung adds more colour choices to Galaxy Z Flip 5

The X tipster claims that Samsung “seems likely to follow this movement” of offering reasonably priced foldable flip phones. We have no official comments on this, but bringing an affordable addition to its Z series will have a great impact on their foldable market. Notably, the South Korean giant anticipates selling around 20 million foldable phones by 2024. To achieve this goal, the business would like to introduce affordable models to its foldable range.

Will Samsung add a foldable to its fan-edition gadgets?

While thinking of a less expensive gadget that is also a flagship, Samsung has always evolved this as a fan edition, FE variants. Cheaper versions of the flagship S series were offered as FE variants for years. There are chances that the firm may employ the same tradition for the foldables. Samsung is also developing more FE variants; as a result, they launched the Galaxy S23 FE, the Galaxy Tab S9 FE, the Tab S9 FE+, and the Galaxy FE buds. Bringing a foldable here will excite both fans of FE and foldable variants.

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