Samsung asked by the Mexican government not to block illegally imported phones

Samsung and other smartphone manufacturers have been asked by the Mexican government not to stop allowing their products to be sold through the gray markets in Mexico and to be imported illegally. Samsung, a global business based in South Korea, has made a significant statement against the vast gray market that is now operating in Mexico. The business declared its intention to stop importing and selling mobile phones into Mexico in an irregular manner. This comes as an audacious effort to combat the gray market, which presents a serious obstacle to phone makers because one in five phones of certain brands is illegally imported, as per reports.

For a considerable amount of time, Mexico’s phone makers have struggled with the gray market. Samsung and Motorola are now acting decisively to resolve this problem. This action is a representation of their dedication to offering clients high-quality items while abiding by the law. Also, the Mexican government requested that smartphone manufacturers refrain from blocking phones because this would leave individuals without phones even after they had paid for them. It is advised that a working group be created where agencies, manufacturers, and other partners help in coming up with the solutions that are arising in the smartphone gray market.

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With the intention of educating people about the consequences of buying phones via the black market, the Federal Telecommunications Institute (IFT) and the Federal Consumer Protection Agency (PROFECO) in Mexico will launch awareness campaigns. Consumers are anticipated to learn from the ad about the possibility of blocking as well as the hazards associated with purchasing these phones. By making educated purchases, customers are intended to be discouraged from unintentionally aiding the gray market.

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