Samsung Updates SmartThings To the Latest Version with New Features

The SmartThings application gets smarter with its latest update. This app helps users connect and control their smart home devices quickly, without even any effort. Now, it is getting a new update to enhance the users’ experience as per their convenience. For detailed information on the update, check out the article.

The SmartThings application comes with the latest update, version number v1.8.09.23, so to improve the functionality of the app, users can upgrade their app with this version number. The installation package of the update is just 69.25 MB in size, so the users can easily download and install the update.

Samsung SmartThings Integrates AI for Enhanced Home Efficiency

The update has arrived, offering much better services and a few new features for convenience, which leads to smooth functionality and performance. SmartThings, with this new update, gets various device onboardings by scanning the QR codes of multiple products. It also provides default manually run routines, which may be helpful to new users of Routine.

Apart from this general bug, as well-known issue fixes come to light with this update, the stability, reliability, and compatibility of the app also increased, which led to better performance. However, the changes appear minor, but I must say all are countable.

The SmartThings app is compatible with 100s of smart home brands, which permits the users to control all of their smart home gadgets in one place, which includes their Samsung Smart TV and smart home machines. With the help of SmartThings, users can easily connect, keep watch on, and even control various smart home devices at the same time without any effort.

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