Samsung One UI 6 Camera Features: Take your photography to the next level

By launching the first 200 MP camera sensor in the world, along with the first night mode for light conditions and powerful Space Zoom settings for phones, Samsung has raised the standard. Samsung’s cutting-edge AI capabilities have also revolutionized the smartphone market. Thanks to Galaxy’s clever and user-friendly technology, users can effortlessly capture amazing shots and produce edits of high caliber. Said to have started trickling out to several European nations, the update, which is based on Google’s more general Android 14 software, will reportedly be making its way to the US in the upcoming weeks. With the latest announcements from Google and Qualcomm, it appears that AI is starting to become more prevalent in smartphones.

One UI 6 update brings AI technology updates to the camera systems of Galaxy devices through seven tricks.

  1. Galaxy Enhance X app:

With a single tap, quickly apply the best modifications to images and videos:

  • Sky Guide: Use Sky Guide to test your astronomy knowledge. Simply snap a picture of the starry night sky, and the app will identify the constellations, stars, galaxies, nebulae, and clusters using artificial intelligence.
  • Clean Lens: Clean Lens eliminates bloodiness caused by fingerprints on your camera lens to guarantee that the image looks just as you planned.
  • Slow Mo generates additional frames to assist you in creating slow-motion shots of regular videos.
  • Long exposure: By examining images and adding a long exposure effect, such as transforming a clip of chaotic road traffic into standing light trails, long exposure elevates short movies to a new level.
  • Single Take: The Single Take function is now accessible on Enhance-X. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) analysis on videos to select the finest images and videos for content that can be shared right away. To make the most of a moment even after it has passed, you may use the Enhance-X software to add single-take promotion photographs and videos that you have already taken.

The feature will be available on Galaxy S23 series, S22 series, S21 series, S20 series, Note20 series, Z Fold5, Z Flip5, Z Fold4, Z Flip4, Z Fold3, Z Flip3, Z Fold2, Z Flip 5G and Z Flip LTE, A54, A53, A34, A33, M54, M53, M34, and M33 models running on One UI 6.0 or above.

  1. AI image clipping:

Now, when you cut out something from a picture, you can quickly save it as a sticker. Stickers are like little images you can use in other photos and videos later. When you tap and hold the thing you cut out, a menu will appear. It lets you copy or share the cut-out, or save it as a sticker or a regular picture. If you choose to save it as a sticker, you can easily use it in other pictures and videos when you’re editing on your phone or using social apps.

  1. Document scan:

Documents may be easily captured and saved. Artificial intelligence (AI) recognizes document photographs and enables fast manipulation, such as rotation and removing fingers from the picture. For a more polished appearance, Enhance-X may eliminate bulldog clips.

  1. High-Resolution Quick Setting:

A new button called Resolution may be found in the Quick Settings menu at the top of the screen when shooting images in Photo or Pro Mode. Simply tapping the screen will enable you to take 200 MP pictures and quickly convert your camera to high-quality mode.

  1. Custom Camera Widgets:

One UI 6 guarantees you won’t have to lose valuable time traveling to your camera and selecting the appropriate settings for the current situation when the ideal opportunity unexpectedly arrives. You can now store your favorite photography modes as home screen widgets, so you can instantly hit the heater button to snap a sharp evening selfie or beautiful portrait.

  1. Intuitive Photo Editor Layout:

The newly redesigned tools menu in One UI 6 makes it simple to locate and choose the reading tools you use most frequently for your Galaxy camera. The incorporation of the Straighten Perspective features in the Transform edit menu also makes it possible for you to easily adjust the vertical and horizontal alignment of your shot on a single screen. With the improved capabilities of One UI 6, taking, viewing, organizing, and making rapid alterations to any form of photo is now simpler than before.

  1. New Undo and Redo Buttons:

You may quickly switch between changing the size, angle, filter, and tone of your photos without having to worry about changes thanks to the recently included Undo and Redo Arrow buttons.

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