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Samsung Electronics Celebrates 54th Anniversary with a Look Back at Its Legacy of Innovation



Samsung Electronics is excited to commemorate its 54th corporate anniversary on November 1st, a significant milestone that marks decades of advancement and innovation. Samsung commemorates the incredible breakthroughs that have grown to be an essential component of our company’s identity on this day. Samsung Electronics has flourished over the years in a number of industries, leading the way in the development of mobile technology, revolutionizing our homes with cutting-edge products, and even building enormous networks that unite us all. The company’s unwavering dedication to quality and its unrelenting pursuit of wealth creation have been repeatedly underlined by this incredible journey.

On the first day, approximately 400 executives and workers, including CEO and Vice Chairman Jong-he Han and the heads of the DX and DS divisions, attended a ceremony conducted by Samsung Electronics to celebrate the company’s 54th anniversary at Suwon Digital City. A congratulations performance will be performed by a duet performance group of employees’ challenged children before the exceptional and service awards are presented, a founding speech is given, and a commemorative film is seen during the commemoration celebration.

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During his inaugural speech, Vice Chairman Han stressed the importance of maintaining the highest standards of technology and quality, delivering the best possible customer experience and value, securing a foundation for long-term growth by bolstering future preparations, and engaging executives and staff in sustainable management practices. Amidst the festivities surrounding “Sharing Week,” executives and staff of Samsung affiliates, which include Samsung Electronics, participate in “daily sharing” activities like blood donation through sharing kiosks that travel throughout nearby areas.

Due to COVID-19, volunteer work in the community around the business was put on hold, but it has since restarted this year. Samsung executives and staff members who engage in volunteer work visit social welfare facilities that cater to the elderly and disabled, offering cleaning and food service at each business location. They also visit nearby daycare centers and children’s centers to assist children with play, education, and cultural activities.

Vice Chairman Han said, “Technology and quality are fundamental competitiveness that must be maintained as the top priority,” and “Even as times change, technological leadership is Samsung Electronics’ greatest value, and quality is a core competitiveness that cannot be compromised.”

Vice Chairman Han said, “During a recession like the present, it is easy to become obsessed with short-term achievements, but we must use it as an opportunity to develop the DNA of challenge and innovation inherent in Samsung Electronics.” He added, “Investment to secure technological superiority will always be a top priority, and technology. Let’s build a virtuous cycle structure that strengthens the foundation for growth by reinvesting the resources secured based on the gap into research and development,” he urged.

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Han said, “We must become a company that leads the future lifestyle by providing greater value by connecting various products well,” and “To become a customer-centered company, we must work together as One Samsung, crossing organizational boundaries.” “The ultimate goal of Samsung Electronics’ sustainability management is to enable customers to take action for the future of society and the global environment just by using Samsung products.” He added, “Please strengthen the discovery of innovative sustainable products.”

Vice Chairman Han said, “We are promoting the ‘Sharing Week’ campaign in which executives and employees of all Samsung affiliates, including Samsung Electronics, will participate in volunteer activities for two weeks from November 1,” adding, “Sharing and growing together is the best in the world.”

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Samsung Boost Exynos GPU & Hiring Developers In The US & India




Samsung Electronics is concurrently hiring developers in the U.S. and India regions to energize its graphics processing unit (GPU) technology capabilities. 

The Korean Electronics firm stated that it is pursuing talent in several positions, from GPU design to performance advancement, graphics drivers, and application processor (AP) software development, including GPUs. 

The Korean brand is hiring developers at its R&D centers in Austin (SARC) to support its graphics processing unit technology. They are located in Austin, USA, where Samsung Electronics’ R&D center is located (SARC), San Jose (ACL), and Bengaluru, India (SSIR). The aim behind this decision appears to be to upgrade the overall performance of their application processors (AP) by concentrating on the GPU technology within them. 

A semiconductor industry official stated that “the Exynos portfolio of GPUs equipped with GPUs is expanding not only for high-spec but also for mid-to-low-end smartphone APs and automotive APs,” plus “the importance of GPUs for processing high-volume data is gradually expanding.”

Samsung Electronics has not developed its GPUs yet, although its Semiconductor Business Division (DS) GPU development team has partnered with SARC· ACL· It is a part of SSIR and is currently in charge of optimizing GPUs for smartphone APs. GPUs developed in collaboration with AMD are being applied to mobile applications. A few years ago, in 2022, the first AMD GPU named ‘Xclipse’ was installed in the Exynos 2200 chipset. 

Although issues with heat generation as well as performance limitations were boosted along with the Exynos 2200, Samsung has since stepped up its development to regain the reliability and competitiveness of the Exynos. It is expected that the GPU development team at Samsung could work with AMD on next-generation GPU development and performance optimization. 


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Samsung Galaxy AI Features Not Stay Free Forever: Will You Pay for It?



Experience your Samsung Galaxy AI while you can, since they won’t be free forever. Samsung earlier this year introduced a powerful package of AI features named ‘Galaxy AI’ on the Galaxy S24 series and later expanded it to other Galaxy flagship devices. 

Samsung Galaxy AI Features Not Free

The Samsung Galaxy AI package includes multiple features such as Circle to Search, Chat Assist, Live Translate, generative wallpaper, and many more for enhancing the users’ experience, but unfortunately, they are no longer available for free. This is being speculated on in an official statement. 

On the official Galaxy AI page, Samsung mentioned in the terms and conditions section that “Galaxy AI features will be provided for free until the end of 2025 on supported Samsung Galaxy devices. Different terms may apply for AI features provided by third parties.” 

By this statement, it’s pretty clear that these Galaxy AI features are only available for free until 2025; after that, it will start asking for charges for using these novelties. However, the brand has not yet mentioned or unveiled how much it will cost or if it will offer plans for it. 

Somehow, the statement mentioned above pointed toward two notes: the first is that maybe the Korean giant is planning to support and upgrade Galaxy AI going forward, possibly adding new features alongside the next-generation Galaxy S25 in 2025, and the next is that after this year, when your base has grown and become established and some of you have grown comfortable with features like Translate, the trap will spring. 

On the other side, Google is also expected to charge for access to generative AI features, such as Gemini. It is just one part of Google One and has already offered both free and paid tiers. Along with the free tier, users can access 60 requests per minute and perform a wide range of image as well as text tasks. Whereas, with the paid tier, users have the power to access more than 60 requests but are charged $0.000125 per 1k character and $0.0025 per image. 

Here’s the question: Do people pay for the Galaxy AI features? 

Galaxy AI includes various features that are divided into two categories: one that works offline (live translation, chat translation, style and grammar, and more), and the second that requires an internet connection (summarize for Samsung Internet and more). If the brand asks for charges for AI features that don’t even require an internet connection, it’s pretty hard to believe users will agree or be interested in paying for them. On the other hand, if the brand charges for the Galaxy AI features that require an internet connection, there is quite a high chance that premium users will agree to pay. 

Why is Samsung looking forward to asking for charges to use the Galaxy AI features? 

In a way, Galaxy AI features are using different servers; for instance, Google for Circle to Search features. This means that Samsung should pay Google and another server provider, so maybe that’s the reason why the brand is looking forward to asking for the charges for Galaxy AI features. 

However, Samsung behind this decision has not revealed any reason officially yet, but it will be interesting to see what new changes it will introduce and how much it asks to pay for using Galaxy AI. 

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Samsung Wallet Takes Over 70% Upgrade Rate From Samsung Pay in South Korea




Samsung debuted a digital wallet application named ‘Samsung Wallet’ a couple of days ago, on March 20, in place of the Samsung Pay app in its home country. Within a few days, it made its reach significantly. 

Samsung has disclosed the matrix of the newly launched Samsung Wallet, according to which, within countable days, 70% of people who were using Samsung Pay on their Galaxy device have updated the older app to the latest ‘Samsung Wallet’ as reports are unveiling. 

Apart from this, the Korean giants have also stated that the ratio of Samsung Pay users aged between 10 and 20 who updated the application to Samsung Wallet was even higher, 75%. Somehow,  this appears to be a direct result of the brand’s promotion that has been running for those people. 

In South Korea, Samsung Wallet supports the Mobile Driver’s License and Mobile National Veterans Registration Card, which even have the’same legal effect as real ID cards.’ and are also permitted to be ‘used for voter identification purposes in public institutions and financial institutions that require identification, as well as in the 22nd National Assembly election on April 10.’

On behalf of this latest significant achievement, a Samsung official stated that’ “Samsung Wallet’s various additional features are rapidly changing users’ daily lives. We hope you will experience the era of electronic wallets that have become safer and more convenient with various lifestyle features.”

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