Samsung’s Future Galaxy Phones May Charge Faster

Samsung is the market leader in smartphones, but the company lags behind in terms of charging speed. While many well-known smartphone manufacturers now offer faster charging options, Samsung is still limited to a 45W fast charging solution, which is present in the most recent Samsung Galaxy S23 series. However, it appears that Samsung will provide a quicker charging option for its Galaxy phones in the future, as we learned today. Now let’s examine the article to see the updated details.

Will 65W and 140W actually be included in Samsung’s lineup?

The portfolio of Atum, Samsung’s sole provider of flat transformers for 45W chargers, now includes 65W and 140W charges, as per the tweets of tipster Revegnus (via Android Headlines). Although it’s not confirmed, it’s possible that these chargers are for Samsung smartphones.

The identical source claims that Atum is Samsung’s exclusive provider of flat transformers for 45W chargers. Perhaps it also created the 65W solution for Samsung. Now that there are rumors circulating that Samsung is developing a 65W charger, everything is fitting together beautifully. Conversely, the 140W charger could be meant for laptops. Laptops are also produced by the biggest smartphone manufacturer in the world.

The Galaxy S24 series will not receive 65W charging capacity

It will make you think that this will be introduced with the Galaxy S24 series, as it seems to include 45W and 25W as per the leaked specifications. But it will continue to charge at the same rate as the Galaxy S20 series starting in 2020, not the Galaxy S24 series from the following year. However, the business could increase its speed at some point in 2024 or later. Looking at the rumors earlier, it was expected that at least the Ultra variant of the series would receive the 65W charging feature. The fact that Samsung’s supplier is working on it implies that the corporation may be intending to enhance the charging speed of future handsets, even though the Galaxy S24 series may not support 65W charging.

Galaxy S24 Ultra camera specs confirmed in new leak

The upcoming S24 series may come with nothing changed, just like the Galaxy S23 series: 45W for the plus and ultra variants and 25W for the base variant. Going back to 2020, Samsung upgraded its premium Galaxy smartphones to include 45W charging capability, and the Galaxy S20 Ultra was the only device in the range to charge that quickly. After updating to 45W charging systems, the Galaxy S22 was not included in it.

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