Samsung Home Up gets One UI 6 support with some significant changes

Samsung is equipped with several stock applications that are useful for its users. There are multiple unique applications available for Galaxy devices that provide customization for the devices. Here we are talking about the Good Lockmodules, which are especially designed to provide customization options for different system-level apps. Home Up is also one of them, and it is now getting a new update with some new changes.

Samsung Home Up Update With One UI 6 Support

Samsung is rolling out a new update for the Home UP application, which comes with version number With the latest update, the company has promised to provide some new features that may be gradually available to users. According to the changelog, the application is receiving some new features like an app list for the home screen, finder access for the home screen, and a task changer, which will give you more customization for your home screen with support for One UI 6.

One UI 6 support discontinued for a number of Galaxy devices

Apart from these, with the latest update, there are some features that will also be deleted in several functions, like Folder: Folder title suggestion and Folder icon are removed. In the task changer, the Allow recent app gestures in the pay region home screen are also removed.

Good Lock’s Pentastic and Lockstar plugins get One UI 6 support

The latest update for Home Up is available for all Samsung-owned smartphones that are eligible to get One UI 6. To update the application, you just have to go to the Galaxy Store and search for the Home Up application. If it shows that the update is available, tap on the update button.

Informatively, with the Home Up application, you can easily do several things to your home screen, like use different layouts in the home screen to arrange apps and folders, adjust the blur effect for a better look, and customize recent app window types, folder popup styles, etc.

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