One UI 6: Security Features to Keep Your Apps and Messages Safe

Samsung released the final and stable version of One UI 6 for the Galaxy S23 series, including the Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23+, and Galaxy S23 Ultra. A revamped security area, specifically pertaining to the installation of apps from external sources and messaging app security, is one of the several new features that have been merged. Auto Blocker, a bundle of optional extra security features that provides users more freedom as they experiment with the modifications made possible by Samsung Galaxy’s open environment, was just published on One UI 6 as a part of Samsung Galaxy’s growing arsenal of security and privacy advances.

One UI 6: Auto Blocker Feature

You may shield your Galaxy smartphone from various security threats by using the opt-in function. Along with enforcing app security checks, Auto Blocker will also identify any viruses and stop dangerous instructions. Also, it will protect you against malicious USB installations, which is crucial if you’re charging using a public USB connection. Some of the other settings that Auto Blocker offers include activating app security checks to help identify possible viruses and stop malicious instructions and programs installed via USB connection. Through the system settings, navigate to Settings > Security and Privacy > Auto Blocker.

While a user’s device is physically in the hands of someone else, such as while charging a phone at an airport, this can assist in safeguarding the user. Along with this functionality, Message Guard has been updated to prevent zero-click attacks, which are picture messages that contain malicious code. Originally available only for Google and Samsung messaging applications, it can now assist in safeguarding users of well-known third-party apps. Users will have more options for secure apps to utilize as a result.

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The ability to manually choose which apps to grant permission to install others was already available in the previous version of One UI under the heading “Install unknown apps.” In this section, just like in the menu that appears when pressing “More information” on the screen above, these features are available.

Dr. Seungwon Shin, EVP and Head of Security Team, Mobile Experience Business at Samsung Electronics, said, “At Samsung, we constantly strive to keep our users safe from security attacks, and with the introduction of Auto Blocker, users can continue to enjoy the benefits of our open ecosystem, knowing that their mobile experience is secured. We always seek to empower our users to choose for themselves what best suits their needs, rather than us deciding on their behalf, and Auto Blocker is no exception to that.”

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