One UI 6 brings Galaxy Enhance-X app to more Galaxy A phones

Samsung introduces the Galaxy Enhance-X app to the mid-range of the Galaxy A series. The Galaxy A53 and the Galaxy A54 are the two models from the series that will be receiving the app as a part of the One UI 6 update. The Galaxy Enhance-X app went live on July 7, 2022, in the Galaxy Store. Brighten, Fix Blur, HDR, and Sharpen choices are displayed on the app’s UI when you open a picture. Fix Moire, Remove Reflection, Face Enhancements, and Portrait choices are available when you tap the More button.

With its debut, the app was first integrated into the premium Galaxy S series; soon, some models from the Galaxy Note and Galaxy Z series received the feature. The timeframe when the gadgets will receive the feature is somewhere around November or December, as the Galaxy A53 and Galaxy A54 already got their One UI 6 update.

One UI 6 support discontinued for a number of Galaxy devices

The newer Galaxy Enhance-X on One UI 6:

Samsung enhanced its Galaxy Enhance-X software, which is already available and has additional photo-editing features, including sharpening older photographs in a manner akin to Google’s Photo Unblur. New features for One UI 6 include:

  • Sky Guide is an AI-powered tool that recognizes stars and constellations from photos of the night sky.
  • A clean lens eliminates blurriness caused by fingerprints.
  • Slow Mo
  • Long exposure
  • Single Take

Applying Samsung’s Single Take function in Enhance-X to previously taken motion-captured films and photos is another feature. Samsung phones come with a camera feature called Single Take that allows you to take many pictures in various poses at once by just pressing the shutter button once. It appears that Enhance-X will enable your phone to use Single Take to choose the finest stills and clips from pre-existing photographs. Additional capabilities planned for the software include the ability to enhance photographs that have blurry backgrounds due to dirty lenses and to create additional frames in ordinary films to create slow-motion segments.

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