Android Auto Adds Fastned App to Find Charging Stations

Android Auto is a Google-owned product that provides several features, offering more convenience to drivers. In simple words, users can easily access the useful functions of smartphones from the car screen directly. For instance, you can easily access entertainment features like Spotify, Waze, and many more. Now, to add more utility, Android Auto is getting support for the Fastned application.

Fastned is a Europe-based fast-charging company that has been working since 2012 and was founded in Amsterdam. It has already built more than 1,500 fast charging stations in several parts of Europe so that electric vehicle users can travel far distances. The company has also provided a navigation service for finding charging stations; earlier, it provided an application for Apple CarPlay, and now it has made it available for Android Auto users.

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The new application for Android Auto will be integrated with Google Maps and Waze for better navigation. Along with navigation, it will also provide real-time prices and be available to change the station. It is worth noticing that after getting the application installed, the feature of finding charging stations will be directly available on Google Maps and Waze.

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Moreover, Fastened claims that you will get more accurate information on the dedicated app in comparison to other navigation apps, including Google Maps and Waze, for finding stations.

To download the application on Android Auto, you just have to go to the Google Play Store and search for it. You will find the application in the first of the search results. Just tap on install, and it will automatically be installed on the device in some time, depending on your network speed.

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