One UI 6 Brings a New Level of Intelligence and Convenience to Bixby

Bixby is a voice assistant that was designed by Samsung, from which users can easily do a lot of tasks with just voice commands. The Bixby can be said to be similar to the Google Assistant, but the difference is that it is able to access most of the settings and can access many of your apps, which makes it quicker and easier to customize the device.

Samsung Bixby gets a new update

To add new features and bring some changes The company has always brought new updates to Bixby for the high end of devices, and the same is happening now. The latest update is coming with several new enhancements, such as the new shortcuts from the home screen and the ability to get easy access to quick commands. The discover page types a command in Bixby settings with new shortcuts. You can access them by long-pressing the Bixby icon and searching for results on Finder. Furthermore, the latest update also makes the application compatible with One UI 6.

One UI 6 brings Galaxy Enhance-X app to more Galaxy A phones

The latest update for Bixby comes with version number and a software package of 69.11MB. It is worth noticing that Bixby is a built-in application that is available on almost all high-end Samsung devices. To install the application, you have to go to the Galaxy Store and search for the app. If it shows that the update is available, then hit the update button.

How do I activate Bixby?

There can be some difference in activating the bixby depending upon devices and your preferred settings; it can be activated using the side key or bixby key, which are located underneath the volume button on the left side of your device. If your device is equipped with a Bixby key, then you just have to tap on it once, and then it will open the Bixby home immediately. But if your device doesn’t have a dedicated key, you can still easily launch Bixby Home by pressing the side key.

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