Samsung now allows you to train Bixby to use your voice

Samsung has its own intelligent assistant, Bixby. Packed with several features, Bixby is now more enhanced, impressive, versatile and convenient for the users. One such intuitive functionality that is the most stand-out feature of Bixby is that now it offers the ability to create your own custom voice. 

A new application, the Bixby Custom Voice Creator App, has been introduced and is now available to all the Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets, respectively. Since there is no clarity on whether the latest app requires a One UI 5.1.1 update, its rolling-out process is happening gradually, and it is expected that the app will take some time to be live for everyone.  

Bixby Feature: How To Create & Add Your Own Custom Voice

Before creating and adding your voice to Bixby, first, you need to set up your voice. Note that your Galaxy device should be up to 30% charged. 

  •  Just head to the Bixby app’s Settings 
  • Language and voice style menu 
  • Now tap the Create Custom Voice option.

And now, you are ready to get going with the process provided below:

  • Once done with tapping the Create Custom Voice option, you must download certain apps from the Galaxy Store if you are doing this for the first time.
  • Now, you need to repeat the first three processes mentioned above.
  • Next, tap on the Start button to start recording your custom voice.
IMG- Sammobile

Once you tap on the Start button, it will ask you to read ten sentences shown on the screen. Then you have to name the voice, and Bixby will start learning your voice. Although this is a time-consuming procedure, you can use other apps while the process is completed, as it keeps running in the background. Once it is done, tap on Go to the Settings button. You will now be headed to the Language and voice style menu page, where you can find your latest created custom voice. You can also set it as your default custom voice by tapping over it. 

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Apart from this, Samsung commits that the Custom voices are exclusive to the Bixby text calls features and other text-to-speech functionality; it can only work in some places. Although Bixby can use your created custom voices to answer the questions, telling you the current time, weather and more.

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