Time to Say Goodbye to Facebook Messenger Lite: App to Be Deprecated in September

A version of the Facebook Messenger program called Messenger Lite only has the essential functions. Sending text, photographs, links, and stickers to anyone using Messenger or Messenger Lite is simple. With buddies, you can even video chat. Messenger Lite, a condensed version of Messenger with fewer features, was made available by Facebook in October 2016. The app is particularly intended for outdated Android devices and places where high-speed Internet is not often accessible.

After seven years of providing tremendous support for the users, this subsidiary software may soon say goodbye, according to the displayed notifications stated by several users. Users of Messenger Lite are informed in a new prompt that the app is slated to be discontinued by Meta on September 18, 2023, without any explanation from the company. However, it is notable that the application cannot be accessed by new users as it was removed from the Google Play Store, but users who have the software pre-installed can use it as of now.

It is reported that when some people start the program today, a message appears in full screen stating that the lite version will be available after September 18th; everything from Messenger is still available on Messenger, thereby encouraging the users to switch to the full version in order to continue utilizing the service. It was also stated that they are aware of how essential the chat history is to the users, so they will consider this, and the user will not lose the messages in the lite app but can continue accessing them in the Messenger app.

But this isn’t a change that is welcomed by users, as Messenger Lite works smoothly and quickly by consuming less mobile data, and it is available anywhere, even with a sluggish or erratic internet connection.

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