Facebook and Instagram brings changes to the algorithm following European union policy

Facebook and Instagram are the two biggest players in the social media market, which has a large influence on people, so to protect people’s valuable data, the EU (European Union) has come up with the Digital Services Act. This will apply some restrictions to the algorithm of the application, which shows the results algorithmically. The policy will be applicable to the countries under the EU.

What changes are coming to Facebook and Instagram?

Now you will be able to see all the metadata about the ads, including all the parameters used for targeting, like age, gender, location, who is behind the ad, and more. These ads will be stored in the public ad library for a year, so you can easily get full information about the ads run in the EU.

Additionally, since February, teens aged 13–17 globally no longer see advertising based on their activity on our apps—like following certain Instagram posts or Facebook pages. Age and location are now the only information about teens that advertisers can use to show them ads.

Meta blocked Threads App in the European Union, which was possible via VPN

Apart from advertising, the social media giant has also changed the algorithm of its app’s working; now it will no longer suggest anything based on previous activity or the history of users, which means you will no longer get any personalized results that can be manipulated.

It is also worth noticing that Facebook and Instagram have already been able to select to view selected parts of recommendation services since last year, which means the restriction on the recommendation services was partially active previously.

Now the European community of Facebook and Meta will get more control over their experience of browsing on social media, which is quite a good step taken by the EU. There are more social media players also coming under the DSA Act; it should be worth watching what their stand will be with the EU’s new policy.

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