Samsung Registers Trademark for unknown Smart ring named as Curio

Samsung’s planned smart ring option might help it break into a brand-new wearables market. All credits go to trademark applications that the business submitted; there have already been hints about the Galaxy Ring gadget. Since then, there have been several names popping up for this unknown gadget, but there has been no response from the firm’s side regarding this. But the recent update of the beta version of their Health app by Samsung, which brings options such as ‘Feature List and ‘Ring Support, which makes the smart rings strong, will arrive.

And today we got another update: for a product that falls under “Trademark Class 9” according to the UK Intellectual Property Office, Samsung has obtained a new trademark. The firm submitted a trademark application on August 22. All computer software, wearable digital electronics, smartphones, software, gadgets, and even smart rings are some of the primary items that will fall under Trademark Class 9.

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The “Samsung Curio” appellation serves as the brand’s distinctive feature, and it further teases the fact that the term is associated with wearables like smart rings and the related software. The term curio refers to something that is considered novel, rare, an object of art, and valued as a curiosity. All these terms point out the arrival of the wearable. However, Samsung has always tricked its customers by stating the names that will not be included in the final product while filing the trademarks.

Earlier, it was the gadget that would accompany the name “Galaxy Ring,” so we need to wait to hear from the South Korean tech. A new XR headset that could debut under the name “Galaxy Glasses” is another project that Samsung is working on in collaboration with Google. But this is not something of a rumor, as the XR headset was officially put down by Google and Samsung, and it is expected to rival rivalry release with Apple Vision Pro in the coming years.

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