Android-based One UI 6’s New Flexibility: Dismissing Charging Alerts Made Easy

One UI 6 Android 14 update is rolling out to eligible devices, which offers features that focus on enhancing the user experience. Starting with the quick panel layout, new emojis, enhanced weather widgets, and calendars, a new feature has been identified: the dismissal of charging notifications. One UI 6 also offers features relating to notifications, such as the fact that, when you are playing music, the notification for the music app now displays album art for a more visually appealing experience. Android 14 also improves the appearance of notifications by making all of them, including those from the same app, appear as individual cards. To avoid having to sift through alerts to identify those that have recently arrived, One UI 6 allows you to arrange them by time rather than priority.

Google asserts that the ability to dismiss non-dismissible notifications is an official addition to Android 14, regardless of whether the developer has configured an app notification to be persistent or not. The choice to turn off the charging alert that appears when a user plugs in their Samsung device to charge is one of these customization options. For most people who are sick of getting notifications on their devices, this will be a highly essential feature enhancement. Certain users always clear their notifications because they find a clear notification tab to be soothing. But consumers couldn’t remove the charging message from their device before this update, which is currently being released. Whether a user charges their phone wirelessly or via wire, this is the notification that appears.

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After the Android 14 upgrade was released, the capability to delete the notification was officially made available. Eligible users for One UI 6 should check out every minor feature that has been offered with the update and try it out for an enhanced user experience.

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