One UI 6.0 Bring Major Camera Features to Samsung Galaxy Devices

Samsung, through its One UI 6.0 updates, is working hard and focusing on covering every part of the gadget to provide enhancements. Whether it is the user interface, the lock screen enhancement, or the weather widget advancements, the firm focuses on providing the users with a greater experience than before in every possible way. In regards to the updates that were released in the past few weeks, Samsung is greatly focusing on the photography department. Starting with the improved FPS control management, the list goes on.

One UI 6.0 Camera Features Are Here

  • Enhanced document scanning functionality
  • Optimized image quality is insured by the highly appreciated camera assistant feature.
  • A button at the top for fast resolution changes
  • Ability to disable registration but allows you to switch from the rear to the front camera

Samsung One UI 6.1: The Next Iteration of Samsung’s User Interface

The gallery app now has new features with One UI 6, including enhanced picture information screens, text extraction from stored photographs, and the option to turn cut items into stickers. With the new tools, it has become much easier to create films according to user preferences, as editing images and videos has become more simple. With the release of the update to the Galaxy S23 series, all these improvements are integrated through One UI 6.0.

Galaxy Enhance-X:

  • Sky Guide: This program recognizes stars, galaxies, nebulas, clusters, and constellations by analyzing images of the stars.
  • 24 hour time-lapse: Although this function has also long been included in the default Gallery app for Samsung phones, it transforms static images into, well, 24-hour timelapses.
  • Single Take: With only one press of the shutter, users of contemporary Galaxy smartphones may take a variety of photographs and films. Now that Galaxy Enhance-X is available, you can use Single Take on previously created videos and motion pictures. Single Take is a feature of the Camera app.
  • Slow-mo: By producing additional frames, the Galaxy Enhance-X can now convert brief video clips into slow-motion movies.
  • Long Exposure: This function, as its name implies, allows situations in video clips that are less than 60 seconds to be given a long exposure effect.
  • Clean Lens: This function may remove fingerprint smudges from the camera lens, restoring clarity to blurry photographs.
  • Denoise: Galaxy Enhance-X may improve the quality of images by removing noise.

The newer version 2.0.27 of the Galaxy Enhance-X application can be installed through the Samsung Galaxy Store or through the APK mirror.

Camera Assistant:

Camera Assistant brings in enhancements including the ability to control shutter speed in basic camera settings, automatically correct distortion when taking pictures with the front and rear ultra wide-angle or wide-angle lenses, and the ability to use digital zoom to improve captured images. You may get the latest version of Camera Assistant,, from the Samsung Galaxy Store or APK Mirror.

Expert Raw:

Users will be able to capture natural motions, such as waves or waterfalls, using One UI 6.0’s new AI Neutral Density (ND) filters. This will improve image quality in low-light situations and reduce brightness even in bright areas. The latest iteration of Expert RAW,, is available for download via the Samsung Galaxy Store or APK Mirror.

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