Samsung extends One UI 6 compatibility to three additional apps

In the past couple of months, Samsung has gradually expanded the One UI 6 support for the application. With this expansion, the company aims to provide better compatibility for the application with the fresh features coming with the upgraded skin. Now, to make the cooperation better, the company has rolled out a new update for two more applications related to Good Guardians, including memory guardian, media file guardian, and a separate Samsung battery tracker.

Media File Guardian

Samsung has rolled out a fresh update for Media File Guardian. In this update, the company has primarily given improvements to support the One UI 6. It is coming with firmware version 5.0.07 in a software package of 4.87 MB. For your information, Media File Guardian provides a powerful tool to help users easily delete hidden files.

Samsung Memory Guardian

Samsung Memory Guardian is a very useful application that comes with a utility to track device performance based on memory usage and also to manage memory through options like cleaning up memory and making it more optimized. To improve its performance, the company has rolled out a new update with the version number 5.0.05. It is coming in a software package of 3.8MB.

Samsung Battery Tracker

Samsung Battery Tracker is also one of the useful applications, which brings a useful interface menu that shows the usage of the applications according to different times according to your preset. It makes it easier to find the application that is consuming the maximum battery on the device. Now, Samsung has rolled out a new update, which is coming with version number 5.0.01.

Samsung’s Premium Phones Will Not Receive the One UI 6 Android 14

Users who own the Galaxy device can easily install the latest update of these applications. To do that, you just have to open the Galaxy store, check the updates tab, and tap on the update button available for the desired applications.

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