Samsung responds to the rumours; It is not rebranding the Exynos

Most people are aware of the fact that Exynos chipsets are the very own SoCs of Samsung. Recently, there were talks going on that Samsung was planning to rebrand its chipset name. There is a well-known informant, OreXda, on the X platform who said that Samsung plans to rename Exynos to Dream Chip yesterday. Now Samsung has broken its silence on this rumor and clarified that they have no intention of rebranding Exynos. Samsung had made use of this name for a very long time, starting in 2011 with the Galaxy S2 model, and it seems it will continue with it.

In a statement that Samsung semiconductor gave to the source, Android Authority, it says, The rumor on rebranding is not true. For your reference, the mentioned brand name [Dream-ed] is simply an internal project name.” This single statement from Samsung’s side is enough to put a full stop to all rumors that have been surfacing like a forest fire. Several sources shared their thoughts that the reason behind this will be relating to the firm’s poor reviews for their prior CPU when the rumors were circulating.

The chipset is still very important to the business, even though it may not have had the same level of success in the higher-end market as the corporation had intended. The chipset faced several criticisms regarding its performance in the Galaxy S22 series, which was powered by an Exynos 2200 CPU. Things reached a greater extent, and as a result of this, Samsung even backed off from equipping the Galaxy S23 series with the Exynos chipset.

However, the business is coming back with the Exynos 2400 CPU for the upcoming Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24+ models. Things may start to change from here, and Samsung may deliver great performance with its upcoming processor.

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