Samsung could use LLW DRAM to support AI on Galaxy S24 Series

Earlier this year, Samsung shared some exciting news about their new LLW (Low Latency Wide IO) DRAM. They think this special kind of memory is just right for making artificial intelligence stuff and playing games on your smartphone.

In October, Samsung had a little hiccup and had to recall some products. But now, they’re back in action! Today, they made a video on X through their semiconductor division, talking about this LLW chip of theirs.

At this year’s Tech Day event in January, Samsung initially unveiled the technology. Because they appear to be better suited for real-time processing scenarios, among which is on-device AI, a key priority for Samsung devices going forward, LLW DRAM solutions are thus suspected to make an appearance in the next Galaxy smartphones. The business is almost ready to release its first products utilizing LLW DRAM, as per the most recent report.

Is the Galaxy S24 series the first to make use of LLW DRAM?

When the talk arises about the next Galaxy smartphone, obviously it’s the Galaxy S24 series that is on the line. By doing more real-time tasks faster, LLW might enhance AI and gaming features on phones. Thus, there’s a potential that the Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24 Ultra will launch with this feature. New machine learning technologies, such as an on-board generative AI tool, are reportedly included in Samsung’s Galaxy S24 trio. And all of us know that Samsung is planning something big with the Galaxy S24 series in terms of AI integration.

What does this 44-second-long video imply?

This is a promotional video brought forward by Samsung itself to spread knowledge about the LLW DRAM. Considering its low latency promises, it seems reasonable that the LLW solution often resides directly next to the CPU on a SoC. Moreover, the video seems to imply that LLW chips will complement the CPU rather than completely replace conventional DRAM.

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