One UI 6 Features You Won’t Find on Non-Samsung Phones Running Android 14

Samsung device users have extra cool stuff compared to other Android users, thanks to something called One UI. It’s like a fancy coat for your Galaxy device, and it keeps getting better with new features.

Samsung One UI 6.0 Update for USA: Carrier-Locked and Unlocked users

Whenever there’s a new version of Android, One UI puts on its new outfit and grabs all the cool things from the latest Android. Samsung just released the newest One UI, called One UI 6, which is based on Android 14. They’ve already started updating it on many devices, so users can enjoy the new and improved features.

One UI 6.0 introduces a bunch of novelties for Galaxy devices

According to the official changelog for UI 6.0, the latest update brings a whole new user interface for all the eligible Galaxy devices. Along with this, it will also bring some new features that will take a step further than those of other Android device users.

What to Expect from One UI 6.1: Features & Improvements

New widgets: Widgets are very useful for any Android device as they give shortcuts for the different functions, bringing a new smooth experience. So adding some new usability to the Galaxy devices, One UI 6.0 is giving two new widgets, including a custom camera widget and an insight widget. The camera widget offers a shortcut to open the camera in preset mode, while the insight widget is a new weather widget that provides more information about your local weather.

Modes and Routines: Modes and Routines is one of the unique features of Galaxy devices, which gives full control to the users to preset several functions and automate them. Now, with new skiing, it is getting new features and unique lock screens depending on your mode. You can also do more things, like change your lock screen, change Samsung keyboard settings, and more.

New system settings for better control: Android devices are always packed with a lot of customization options. Mainly, the setting application is full of several useful features that enhance the user experience. On the other hand, Samsung users also enjoy some extra features. In One UI 6, Samsung users will get smarter Airplane mode; it will adapt your usability. For example, if you turn on WiFi or Bluetooth while Airplane mode is on, your phone will remember it, and next time if you are in Airplane mode, it will not push Bluetooth or WiFi to turn off.

Along with this, the security app has also got a new auto-blocker function, which will protect your device from external threats that may steal your data and also prevent unknown apps from being installed. However, to get its utilities, you have to first turn it on.

Gallery: The Gallery is a very common app that offers different features to manage photos and videos in one place, but if you’re a Samsung user, you will get some more utility features, like the latest One UI, where you can save clipped images as stickers. To move photos from one place to another, now users can simply do it by touching and holding pictures and videos with one hand and then using another hand to drop them into another album.

Apart from all these, Samsung has also backed its most unique product, Good Lock. This is an application that provides a lot of modules that take customization to a whole new level. Now, with the latest announcement, the company has announced that it will introduce some more new features and improve its functionality so users who are having any issues will be resolved. If you want to know more about this, then you can check out this article.

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