Samsung Details Universal Gestures on Galaxy Watch

Samsung has always been the greatest consumer electronic brand, and it has shown a constant dedication to offering an innovative, consistent, and convenient experience to its users. Taking this into consideration, Samsung Galaxy Watches offer an impressive and innovative accessibility feature that plays a significant role in today’s technology.

Especially designed to offer a convenient touch-free experience to individuals, Samsung Galaxy Smart Watches offer a very interactive accessibility feature, the Universal Gestures, that allows users to have simple and intuitive movements without even touching the Galaxy Watch’s display.

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Introduced with the One UI 5 update, the Universal Gestures feature allows you to operate your Galaxy Watch by performing several hand gestures, including making a fist, making a fist twice, pinching, and double pinching, respectively. Users can easily perform several tasks on their Galaxy Watches just by making these gestures.

Here’s the entire process for how the Universal Gestures work on your Galaxy Watches:

How do I turn on the Universal Gestures?

To turn on the universal gestures on your Galaxy Watch:

  • Head to the Settings on your Galaxy Watch.
  • Tap on the accessibility menu.
  • Scroll down to the Interaction and Dexterity section and tap on the Universal Gestures.
  • Finally, tap on the Universal Gestures toggle to turn it on.

How do you operate your Galaxy Watch using Universal Gestures?

Making a Fist:

This action allows you to select your desired option.

Making a Fist Twice:

By making a fist twice, you can activate the universal gestures, which allows you to open the action menu.


Pressing or pinching your index finger and thumb once will help you move to the next item or action.

Double Pinch

By pressing or pinching your index finger and thumb twice, you will return to the previous item or action.

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