Samsung Health Adds New Medications Tracking Feature

Samsung Health is one of the most useful applications on Galaxy smartphones; it provides all the important tools to track or manage different types of exercises, habits, or activities that help you analyze your overall health. For instance, it can easily record your sleep cycle and also tell you about the quality of sleep you are taking. Similar to this, the application has also provided different tracking features for exercises, and it also provides suggestions on how to work to improve health. Now it is getting one more important feature: medication tracking.

Samsung Health is getting a medication tracking feature

The medication health tracking feature is the latest feature that helps users keep track of prescription and over-the-counter medicines and get reminders to take the pills on time. As far as its working concern, the feature will be available in both smartphones and smartwatches. It also provides information about medication; when a user enters the name of any tablet or other form of medicine, it will quickly provide information about it, and it will also show about the side effects.

The application also features some customizations, so users can easily set the color and shape of medication to properly differentiate. It also has a function of notification, which will send you an alert according to the importance of medication.


Samsung will make the feature available for all the smartphones in the US in the next few days, and then in other regions too. It is coming with the latest version, 6.26. If you wish to benefit from this feature, you must monitor the updates on the Google Play Store or the Galaxy Store.