WhatsApp beta finally provides Audio sharing over screen sharing video calls

In an earlier report, we discussed the audio sharing compatibility and the possibility of it arriving on WhatsApp. The feature is now available to use for users, but currently it can only be used by beta users.

More specifically, this year WhatsApp has provided a new screen-sharing feature for the users, so they can easily share their phone screens with each other and take advantage of the opportunity to converse about different topics. However, previously, it was lacking audio support in the audio sharing window. So when you wanted to discuss any important topic with some background music, it was not possible then, but now, with a new update, it will start supporting it.

IMG – WABetainfo

With the latest update, WhatsApp may give tough competition to Zoom and Google Meet, as now users can easily conduct meetings or other discussion sessions. However, WhatsApp has to bring some more improvements and features to make the platform more compatible.

The latest feature for WhatsApp is now available with the new beta version Earlier, the update was available for iOS users, but now Android smartphone users can also download it. To install the latest update, you have to enroll your device in the WhatsApp beta program. Alternatively, you can also sideload the application from an external source.