Samsung Museum Receives Vintage 40-years old “Multipurpose 5S Refrigerator” from Donor Lee Sook-Hee

Lee Sook-Hee presented the ‘Multipurpose 5S Refrigerator’ (SR-215GQ) to the Samsung Innovation Museum, the company’s museum dedicated to the electronic industry, as per a statement released by Samsung Electronics on December 24. One of the best-known examples of the inventive design of the time was this refrigerator, which included an internal temperature control system that allowed it to go from a freezer to a refrigerator and turn off the refrigerator portion when not in use.

A Samsung multifunctional refrigerator, almost 40 years old, returned to the place of its creation, now holding a special place in the company’s history. Lee is excited to take her kids to the Samsung Innovation Museum, where they will be able to view the refrigerator that has a long history in their family. Three generations of Lee’s family have used the refrigerator for over 40 years without experiencing any major problems. In Lee’s perspective, the refrigerator door has been opened more than 40,000 times since 1986, even if it were only done three times a day.

The current “Samsung Bespoke Refrigerator” is comparable to the “Multipurpose 5S Refrigerator” produced in 1985. Both have compartments for specialized food storage to preserve freshness, multi-pantry possibilities, and customizable designs.

A heartfelt note from Lee:

Lee revealed that her parents bought the refrigerator back in 1986 as a wedding present. It was one of just two things, along with her wardrobe, that her parents brought into their little one-room apartment when they first got married. They didn’t have money, but Lee thought having a refrigerator was necessary for life. Additionally, she disclosed that a movie production firm had shown interest in buying it for us as a prop, but she believed that gifting it would be a more meaningful way to honor family memories.

Lee mentioned, “I wanted to donate it to a place that would appreciate its value, as it has been with our family across three generations.” “It’s wonderful that this refrigerator, which has been used since my parents’ generation, will now have a meaningful purpose for many more people,” she said.

Samsung Electronics employee Seo Kook-jeong, a technical consultant who joined the business in 1991 and is still working on refrigerator technology development, expressed satisfaction with the way Samsung products have developed over time.

“Comparing past and present refrigerators, I feel proud of how much our products have advanced. We will continue to strive to develop refrigerators that maintain the highest freshness of ingredients while being environmentally conscious,” he stated.