Samsung Announces Details for 2024 Opening Ceremony Spectacle

CEO and Vice Chairman Han Jong-hee and CEO and President Kye Kye-hyeon attended Samsung Electronics’ “2024 New Year’s Ceremony” on February 2 in Suwon Digital City, along with around 400 presidents, executives, and workers. An awards ceremony—the Samsung Master Orchestra/Annual Awards, a New Year’s message, a commemorative film, and a congrats performance by the Samsung Philharmonic—constituted the first ever celebration.

The DS division, which has been at the forefront of semiconductor technology for the last 50 years, pushed us to become the industry’s most competitive entity rather than just closing the gap with rivals. In order to deliver distinctive solutions that are exclusive to Samsung Electronics, the DX division gave top attention to quality competitiveness, which included perceived performance and emotional quality. It also thoroughly examined and investigated usability from the customer’s point of view.

The families of the recipients of the “Annual Awards,” which recognize the best performances of the year, and the “Samsung Master Craftsman,” the company’s top technical specialist, also attended the ceremony. Vice Chairman Han and President Kyung promised new growth and a leap forward in their joint New Year’s address on this day. They also asked for strengthening fundamental competitiveness based on super-gap technology, securing the capacity to adapt to future changes like AI, eco, and lifestyle innovation, and developing a strong corporate culture.

To become a new game changer, he also requested that Samsung Electronics have the “ability to respond to future changes,” such as AI, environmental, and lifestyle innovation. He highlighted lifestyle innovation, noting that it is more important than ever to find goods and services that match new lifestyles beyond merely utilitarian enhancements in an era when customers are shifting as a result of unparalleled demographic and generational shifts.

Vice Chairman Han then requested the establishment of “a strong corporate culture.” In addition to stating that the creation of an independent and dynamic organizational culture is imperative, he posed the following questions: Should leaders exercise consideration in order to enable their subordinates to exercise authority and responsibility? Can subordinates perform through self-directed time management?

In regards to innovation in AI, he stated, “Let’s not only innovate the way we use devices by applying generative AI, but let’s also drastically change the way we work by actively using it in work.” He went on, “Let’s develop an excellent corporate culture that creates.” Finally, Vice Chairman Han concluded his New Year’s address by saying, “Please do not forget that the first promise necessary for the company’s development and journey for a better future is to practice compliance and establish a culture of compliance.”

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