One UI 6.1 Brings AI-Powered Webpage Translation and Summarization

The One UI 6.1 will be the next big thing for Galaxy devices, as Samsung has already teased the AI features for the Galaxy S24 series, which will start a new era of Galaxy devices. As you know, the One UI 6.1 update will be first available with the upcoming flagships, then gradually expand to other devices.

The One UI 6.1 is coming with all new AI summarize features

Earlier, we heard about the live translation, dynamic wallpaper, and many more features that will be available with One UI 6.1. Now a new feature has surfaced in rumors, which claims that users will be able to translate and summarize articles or any webpages that are open through Samsung Internet powered by AI.

To use this function, you just need to open any webpage or any article on the Samsung browser. Then there will be a button or icon that appears on the bottom right of the screen. Just tap on it, and it will give you four different options, including summarize, highlight, read aloud, and translate. Now, if you want to summarize content, just tap on the first button, and it will provide you with a short summary of the story that appeared on your screen. Similarly, you can use all other options by tapping once.

Most probably, this feature will only work with an internet connection because it will be integrated with the Samsung Internet. At the same time, some more AI features will be available with the One UI 6.1 that may run offline, such as AI-generated wallpapers, summarizing and translating call recordings, realigning and expanding photos.

  1. Will the summarize/translate feature be available on my Galaxy device?

    Most likely, the feature could be available for the devices that will receive the OneUI 6.1 update in the future.

  2. Is this feature exclusive to Galaxy devices and available for all Android devices through the Samsung Internet application?

    Samsung is all set to debut this feature exclusively for Galaxy devices, but it is possible that the company will expand the feature’s availability for other Android devices as well.

  3. Will this feature be different from the Samsung keyboard translation option?

    Yes, this will provide a large-length translation, while the keyboard will have some limits on the number of words to translate. However, both of the translation features will be powered by AI.

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