Galaxy A52 5G grabs One UI 6.0 and January 2024 security update in the USA

Samsung has done a very appreciative job in terms of expanding the One UI 6.0 update for its eligible Galaxy devices; however, due to server limitations, the company is still gradually expanding the update to the remaining Galaxy devices, and now, moving forward, the Galaxy A52 5G units based in the US are now getting the One UI 6.0 and January 2024 update.

Notably, there is a twist for the users as the same device is getting the updates, but on different variants, such as the Galaxy A52 5G locked variant, it is getting the January 2024 security patch with firmware version number A526USQSCFWL4. While the unlocked valiant is now getting One UI 6.0 and Android 14 updates with the firmware version number A526U1UEUCFWL3.

For your information, January 2024 is a standard security update that will bring you some new enhancements for strengthening the security of the devices, while One UI 6.0 is a major software update for the device that brings several new features and improvements for the existing functions available in the device.

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In a nutshell, One UI 6.0 will provide new features and improvements by adding new changes to many applications, including Camera, Gallery, Samsung Internet, Calendar, and many more. If you want to take advantage of the new feature, then you can go for the latest update. If you are using any of the variants of the Galaxy A52 5G device, you can now easily update it from the system settings.

  1. Is the One UI 6.0 update available on every unit of the Galaxy A52 5G?

    Yes, earlier the locked variants had gotten the One UI 6 update, and now the unlocked variants have also received it.

  2. How many updates will be available for the Galaxy A52 5G in the future?

    Samsung has launched the Galaxy A52 5G device with Android 11 and promised to give at least three major updates, so now the device is no longer eligible for any major updates after One UI 6 and Android 14, but it will still receive some more updates in the form of security patches.

  3. When will the unlocked variant receive the January 2024 update?

    As Samsung doesn’t follow any certain pattern to give the security patch for the devices, it is not possible to predict it accurately, but we expect that company to roll out the update within a couple of days.

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