Google Wallet for WearOS gets new utility to show airline boarding passes

Google Wallet is one of the most popular payment services all around the world, and to provide convenience to the user, Google is constantly bringing new abilities to its application. Earlier,  it added the ability to show loyalty cards on smartwatches, and now it is adding airline boarding passes to the smartwatches.

Google Wallet WearOS is getting more useful with new updates

Google wallet is especially made for smartphones to provide a better payment experience but now with new features, it is also preparing to make the application more optimized and usable for smartwatches, and it is gaining more utility options. Now the airline boarding pass is added, which will help you to conveniently enter the gate. When you tap on ‘view pass,” it simply shows the QE code for quick tapping at the gate from the watch itself.

It is worth noticing that the latest feature of the boarding pass will be available for the smartwatches that are running on WearOS 3.5 or above. The feature has already started rolling out since December, but it is gradually appearing on the watches.

Apart from these, Google also announced last year that the wallet will also support open-loop transit systems by showing the record of all the days or weeks spent with the ride history. Google will also roll it out worldwide soon. So you should keep an eye on the update availability of Google Wallet from the Google Play Store.

  1. When will the new airline boarding pass be available for the Google wallet?

    The feature has already started rolling out for the Galaxy wallet. It may also be available directly from the server side, or you will get an update in the next few days.

  2. Does this feature also run without the internet?

    Yes, you can view your saved boarding passes in the Google wallet app without an internet connection.

  3. Is this feature available on all smartwatches, including the Galaxy Watch series?

    The feature is available for all WearOS smartwatches that are running on Wear OS 3.5 or above, including Galaxy watches.

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