Samsung’ C-Lab Program at CES New AI Technologies

Samsung displayed its cutting-edge technology and imaginative concepts developed through Samsung Creative Lab (C-Lab), its in-house venture and start-up accelerator, at CES 2024, the largest electronics exhibition in the world. Samsung showcased 15 projects and start-ups at the event, which got underway in Las Vegas on January 9. This was the most start-ups and projects the company has ever displayed; the list included ten from C-Lab Outside, three that were spin-offs from in-house ventures, and two from its in-house venture program, C-Lab Inside.

These start-ups, which span industries including AI, healthcare, and energy, made their worldwide premiere on stage, looking for new markets and interacting with guests and buyers from all around the world.

Goose Labs:

  • Goose Labs, a leading C-Lab spin-off, developed FIVA, an AI-powered metaverse home fitness software, to address this.
  • Using just a smartphone to reach the metaverse, Goose Labs demonstrated at CES how people may begin an exercise routine naturally.
  • The significance of CES 2024 is increased by the fact that it is Goose Labs’ first display after its founding under the C-Lab program.

RebuilderAI :

  • A 2023 C-Lab Outside participant, RebuilderAI is a 3D technology start-up that debuted its specialized AI technology at CES 2024. The business’s AI product, “VRIN 3D,” won a CES 2024 Innovation Award.
  • It lets consumers make high-quality 3D material without expensive studio space or equipment by only utilizing a smartphone camera to record their environment.
  • With the use of AI technology, anyone will soon be able to construct a 3D model with ease with just a smartphone, thanks to this innovation.
  • Consequently, the team created “VRIN 3D,” an AI-powered platform that enables anybody to easily change their texture or backdrop online and create 3D content with just a smartphone.
  • The solution provided by RebuilderAI is utilized in the creation of training data, simulations, production inspections, and other processes.
  • It has an influence on a variety of businesses, such as real estate, manufacturing, design, construction, and marketing.
  • Currently, the solution is exclusively available to companies, but the firm wants to progressively expand its services, allowing anybody to make 3D models fast and simple.

The future of AI is here

Highlighted at CES 2024, Samsung C-Lab startups presented their ground-breaking AI innovations, breakthroughs, and global future vision. Along with 22 Innovation Awards, these startups also took home one Best of Innovation Award at the event. CES guests may see the inventive concepts and cutting-edge technology that are exclusive to start-ups by stopping by Samsung’s C-Lab booths from January 9 to 12. The C-Lab participants this year were well accepted for providing a variety of AI technology intended for daily use.

Notable AI innovations presented at CES 2024:

  • Style Bot: An AI fashion suggestion service that could be customized
  • Yellosis: An AI medical solution that used smart toilet technology to analyze pee.

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