Samsung’s new Video Raises Questions: Unclear if Galaxy S24 Ultra Supports Qi2

A brief clip of Samsung’s phone on a stand that appears to be a Qi2 charger is seen in a film showcasing some of the capabilities of the Galaxy Book 4 series.

As of now, we are not aware of which Android phones will support Qi2, but in the upcoming years, it will introduce MagSafe-style accessories to Android phones. There is considerable conjecture based on a recent leak that the Galaxy S24 series, which is expected to launch soon, won’t include this function, as per a recent video released from Samsung. It is easy to think that the phone is a magnet because it is not supported by any legs or hooks. Unfortunately, it is untrue, as some have stated that this Galaxy S24 Ultra is supported by a Qi2 stand.

What are the Qi2 chargers?

The Wireless Power Consortium has released Qi2, an improved open wireless charging standard that delivers significant improvements over Qi. Using Apple’s MagSafe technology as its foundation, the Magnetic Power Profile (MPP) is the main feature. Apple assisted in the development of the Qi2 standard. Simply put, Qi2 could enable speedier and maybe less expensive third-party iPhone chargers while also bringing the magnetic advantages of MagSafe to Android. When there is a greater market (iPhone and Android), manufacturers are more inclined to develop new items, and prices should also decline.

However, the video has stated, The Galaxy S23 Ultra and Galaxy Book 4 Ultra were sold separately. Sequence shortened. The screen image was simulated for illustrative purposes. The actual UI may vary. tripod sold separately. Windows feature availability and rollout timing vary by country and device. A Microsoft account is required to log in.”

What exactly this is or how it’s related is unknown, but it appears that Qi2 is not involved in any way; Samsung refers to this as a tripod. However, the absence of this feature does not affect the anticipation for the Galaxy S24 series.

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