Samsung One UI 6.1 vs One UI 6.0: Multiple changes and innovations under several functions

Samsung has brought a new gift for Galaxy users with the new year in the form of the One UI 6.1 update. There are some major changes coming with the latest software, which includes newly designed AI features and several new features that are added under different functions, but here we have spotted some key differences that are spotted under the main settings.

One UI 6.1 vs One UI 6.0: Here are some differences spotted under existing features

Camera sharing:

In the menu of the connected device, there is one new option named camera sharing. This is the key feature for Android 14, which is to use your device as a a webcamIt is noted that the feature only works with the Galaxy tablet, but Samsung may expand the usability of this feature to more devices.

Lock screen notification:

Now with the One UI 6.1, Samsung has removed the “always-on display” option at least in the Galaxy S24 devices, but the notifications are default active. Sometimes it is necessary to hide notifications from the AOD, so we expect that company may introduce the option for managing the notification on the AOD in further updates.

Adaptive color tone:

It is a new option introduced in the display settings that provides an automatic balance of colors on the screen, which makes the screen color more natural as it automatically adjusts and blends with the environment.

Creative wallpaper:

The creative wallpaper is a new wallpaper section that allows you to create more creative wallpapers. To do that, you just need to go on the wallpaper through settings. Here you will see a creative wallpaper section; tap on it. Here you will see some preloaded wallpapers like Terrain, Luminous Mineral, etc. categories. Just tap on any one option, and you will get some bold words that you can tap and change options for.

Always on Display:

In the always-on display section, there are some new changes made, like the when to show option, which provides use options like Auto. With this option, you will easily adjust the AOD option according to the condition, which means if your phone is kept in a dark place like a purse, pocket, or dark room, then it will be turned on,or there will be three more options available, like Always, Tap to Show, As Schedule, for new notifications.

Advanced features:

With the One UI 6.1, Samsung has changed the arrangement of the options available under the advanced feature menu. Along with this, there is one new option added as intelligence, which provides you with several options related to different AI features, including in several preinstalled applications such as a phone, Samsung keyboard, interpreter, Samsung notes, voice recorder, Samsung Internet, and a photo editor.

Availability of these features

Most of the features mentioned in the above list are expected to be available with the One UI 6.1 update for eligible Galaxy devices, but due to some hardware limitations, some of the features may only be limited to the Galaxy S24 device. Currently, there is no exact confirmation available, so we have to wait for some more time to get the proper information about the availability of the features.

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