Android Finally Enables eSIM Transfer Between Any Android Phone

At least once a time, most of you surely thought to transfer eSIMs to their Android phones. Back in 2023, Google was assured to fulfill the demands of its fan community by announcing the eSIM transfer tool at MWC 2023.

Now it seems that Google is all set for a pride moment, since it appears that it has silently launched its eSIM transfer tool for Android as per the convenience of the users for enhancing their experience.

Android Updates with Easy eSIM Transferability: Switch Phones Without Hassle

The report indicates that we are this close to using the eSIM transfer tool for Android. Reports suggest that while setting up a Galaxy S24 Ultra, users may have the option to transfer their eSIM from their LG V60 ThinQ by simply scanning a QR code. However, the outlet was already able to get the pop-up housed in the Pixel 8 Pro from the Galaxy S24 Ultra, and vice versa.

Taking eyes back to review, previously, when the Korean brand’s SIM transfer tool was released with One UI 5.1, the facility was too limited, and transferring the eSIMs from one device to another only worked on Galaxy devices. Basically, this notification should have never popped up on non-Galaxy smartphones.

Now that Samsung has overcome the limitation, reports are saying that the One UI 6.1 update has arrived with a subtle but remarkable change to the feature’s language. Finally, after a long wait, it’s compatible with non-Galaxy devices.

However, the broader usability of Samsung’s tool may be evidence of an eventual shift toward Google’s eSIM transfer tool for Android, which was announced at MWC 2023. But at that time, the exact launch date was not announced. Google’s tool may have been active in the Pixel 8, but somehow it was not sufficiently satisfied. Also, when the feature appeared, it was expected that the eSIM tool on Pixel 8 would only work with other Pixels.

The tool is currently being restricted to specific users, which is beyond expectations. According to reports at the moment, this feature only seems to work with eSIM profiles connected to T-Mobile. A tool that can easily transfer eSIM to any Android device would be roughly convenient. But it is expected that, as per the convenience of other carrier users’, the tool will be expanded to devices with other carriers.

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