Here’s why OnePlus won’t match Google’s and Samsung’s 7-year software support

In the smartphone tech industry, there are a few brands from which expectations are high, such as Samsung, OnePlus, and more. And OnePlus fans are eagerly waiting for the brand to accept the seven-year software update policy.

Since Samsung has already accepted this seven-year software update policy and attached it to its latest Galaxy S24 flagship series, However, Google is the first to announce this long-lasting seven years of major OS updates to its Pixel 8 series.

Here, the question is whether OnePlus will adopt this policy

So, in an interview, Kinder Liu, the top boss of OnePlus, stated that ““simply offering longer software update policies completely misses the point.” (via TomsGuide)

Following this statement, he also stated, “It’s not just software update policies that are important to the user; it’s the fluency of your phone’s user experience, too.” By this statement, it’s pretty clear that he is explaining to the users that the long-lasting software update policy doesn’t matter, but a longer fluency does.”

OnePlus suggests that supreme power is all about hardware’s performance, which means that longer software updates don’t even necessarily mean too much in a scenario where your device’s hardware cannot even perform at the same level.

Liu also mentioned that the brand OnePlus has conducted tests along with TUV SUD for the OnePlus 1 and OnePlus 12R to replicate years of use, and based on these results, the brand chose to guarantee a flawless and seamless performance for four years. The executive further pointed to the possible battery drainage a smartphone probably faces after seven years of use.

Noteworthy statement by Liu: “When our competitors say their software policy will last seven years, remember that their phone’s battery may not.” This is the reason why OnePlus has not accepted its seven-year software upgrade policy yet.

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