Samsung’s four-year-old older tablet gets a February 2024 security patch

Samsung has started rolling out the February 2024 security patch for the Galaxy devices. Initially, it has given the update to the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3 updates. Now, the company has expanded the update to more devices, and moving forward, it has given the update to the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite device.

Notability: the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite is spotted getting updates in several countries, including Bangladesh, France, India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. The latest update is not related to One UI, so it doesn’t provide any innovation for the device.

The February 2024 security patch update only brings some security-related fixes under the devices; going to the details, the latest update adds more than 60 fixes. Google has added 61 fixes, and 8 fixes are addressed by Samsung, which are exclusively available for Galaxy devices.

Moreover, the security update sometimes brings some extra improvements for the devices, which means it isn’t limited to security but also includes some fixes that provide some performance improvements and also make the functions more stable.

If you are using the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite in the countries mentioned above, then the notification about the update should arrive on your device, but if it isn’t available for your device yet, then you can also check the update manually by going to the software update menu.

Informatively, the Galaxy Tab S6 lite was launched back in 2020. The device came with Android 10 later with further development it has received three more major updates in the form of Android 11, Android 12 and Android 13 respectively. Following the updated policy company has already retired the device from the major update but still it will get some more security patch updates in this year.

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