Samsung Takes Lead In The Tablet Market Beating Apple

Yes, you read it right; according to recent development in tech-world media’ Samsung, which is already a big player in the smartphone market, has also taken a heads up of 10% QoQ growth from 2021. It is becoming the single largest company to capture 40% of the tab market, leaving apple behind. According to IDC (international data corporation), it is now the largest single company in sales of tablets, according to IDC(international data corporation).

Samsung leads in terms of both value and sales and has also seen increased acceptance in the premium tablet market with the success of its galaxy tab S8 series, recording an 8.3% growth in the premium segment.

Samsung’s head of business computing said regarding the recent growth in the tab market: “The popularity of the recently-launched Galaxy Tab S8 series and Galaxy Tab A8 series enabled us to further strengthen our leadership in the tablet market.”

 Until now, Apple was leading, but the reason Samsung believed in its success can be understood by further decoding its business head’s statement above. According to Samsung, they have captured this market due to Samsung’s broad availability throughout the market, wide range, and creative & innovative inventions the company is providing, which customers still value. Introducing plans to reduce the financial cost of its tablets, namely Samsung financ+ with no credit history and easy EMI options, and options to exchange tabs and smartphones for new ones through Samsung Upgrade.

However, another probable reason for this would be the high spur in tablet and laptop demand due to online learning induced by the covid pandemic, giving rise to virtual classes, e-learning, and the healthcare sector’s demand for online connectivity.CyberMedia research report also predicts a 10%-12% growth in upcoming and rest of 2022 with current 68% growth already in march quarter.CyberMedia research analyst Menaka Kumari has this to say about recent growth:

“The education and healthcare sector have contributed to the uptick in the overall tablet market in India.”

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