Samsung Recruitment of Participants for ‘SCPC 2022’, a University Student Programming Contest

Freshly in the news, Samsung has opened positions for its software development & programming positions through an annual competition in its affiliate universities for students as a part of the yearly held program.

This competition has been running since 2015 at a collegiate level.
Applications are invited from June 14 – to July 12.

The Rounds: These will be in the succession of three steps that are:
Online Round1 on from July 15 at 15:00 to July 16 at 15:00, then
Online Round2 August 6, 09:00 – 21:00 & Final on
September 03,at 13:00 – 17:00 .

Eligibility & Criteria:

College (grad) students or students on a leave of absence (no major or age limit) are eligible.
Students are given algorithmic problems to solve using C, C++, and Java within the time provided and submit their source codes.

A Brief History:

Until now, this contest has seen 27 nations participate in the contest claiming total prize money of 650 million KRW with total participants of 30,155, which resulted in 847 finalists & lastly, having 251 Winners.


Winners up to 3rd positions will be given a spot in the Hall of fame on the Samsung SCPC homepage, accompanying a Final Award of a total prize of 100 million to the winner. Moreover, Coffee gift cards will be awarded to the first 500 participants as coupons.

Students can use algorithm techniques, data structures, and previous contest questions at Code Ground, a real-time algorithm coding site operated by Samsung Electronics.

To summarize, it is an opportunity for aspiring students seeking a career in coding, development, and computing sciences.

Readers can also visit the given link for more info about the competition.

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