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One UI 4.1 Hidden Features: 9 Things You Didn’t Know About One UI 4.1



Samsung’s One UI 4.1 is one of the most exemplary Android skins displayed on store’s fronts. Samsung provides the best customer interface and customization options to give users a more user-friendly and tailored experience. Let’s just say there is a cherry on the top that you are missing out on, and we will tell you how to get that, i.e., let us take notes on OneUI 4.1 features which are Hidden;

Hidden Features of Samsung One UI 4.1

Selfie Gesture

Users can take a selfie with voice or hand gestures, and there are exciting ways to make selfies more versatile. For example, now you won’t face any problems and blurred images when touching a circle to take a selfie; you can do it with your voice or hand gesture. 

To enable selfie gestures on your Galaxy: Access Camera Settings

Open the Camera app>Tap Settings in the top left corner>Scroll down and tap “Capture method.” 

Tap the on/off button next to the “Voice Commands” section and hit “Show Palms.” 

You can now activate the shutter by saying “smile,” “cheese,” “capture,” or “shoot.” It works with both front and rear cameras. To take a selfie or record a video with a gesture, simply point your palm towards the front camera or say “Record Video.” 

Customize everything with Good Lock :

Good Lock is a powerful application for Samsung devices with many modules that allow you to customize the overall look of your phone. Options to customize the notification panel, sound panel, keyboard, and more include many extras that the real One UI doesn’t have. GoodLock module is so vast we’ll have to tell you about that in a separate post.

Dual Messenger:

Dual Messenger allows you to create two different accounts for the same messaging app on the same device. These two accounts will work as usual. You can send and receive messages to/from either active app account, depending on your preference. You can separate your business and personal accounts to avoid confusion. 

To do this: 

Go to your phone settings>Open advanced features>Go to Dual Messenger. 

Tap the switch on one app to install the second. The second application will be installed and displayed. For selecting which contacts have access to the secondary Messenger app, tap Use private contact list. 

Samsung Secure Folder:

Samsung Secure Folder is designed to keep your private photos, videos, files, apps, and data safe. With this, users can add an existing app on their phone to  Secure Folder to create a copy of the app. You can also add new apps from the Galaxy Store or Play Store just to install them in the Secure Folder itself, and only those apps can access your hidden files. 

To create a secure directory: 

Enter your smartphone’s settings>Tap Biometrics and security>Tap Secure Folder.

You will need to sign in or create a Samsung account. Tap Connect>Continue, or Accept>Enter Samsung account details, then tap Sign In/OK. 

Select the locking method you want to use, then tap Next. Enter the lock method, then select Continue. Re-enter the lock method, then select Confirm. The shortcut to  Secure Folder will be added to your Home screen and Apps screen. 

Show calls when using app settings:

Don’t like the default call interface when using your phone? You can control the Display of incoming calls when using other applications. 

Go to Phone app settings>Tap Show calls when using the app. 

Choose from Full Screen>Pop-up and Miniature Pop-up. Keep calls in pop-ups: After calls are answered, keep them in the pop-up. call Display while using other apps 

Remove animations and speed up:

You can disable animations on your devices, such as when you open or close apps, which makes everyday use faster to speed things up and your phone’s performance. 

To enable this feature: 

Scroll down to Accessibility>Tap Improve visibility>Tap the toggle by Remove animation to allow the feature. If you notice this is causing the problem, you can quickly turn it off similarly. 

Remove animation: You can install more apps on your home screen or drawer. You can quickly increase the number of apps grouped together on the home screen or app drawer.

Open Screen settings:

Open the home screen settings menu by pinching the home screen with two fingers>Click Install>Tap Home Screen Grid or App Screen Grid. Resize them as you see fit. 

Lock your home screen layout :

There’s an easy way to stop if you accidentally move the neatly arranged icons on your home screen forever. You can’t delete or move apps until you unlock them again. 

To access this: 

Open the home screen settings menu>Click Install>Tap the switch next to the lock home screen layout to enable the feature. 

If you want to unlock it again, just highlight the toggle button. Lock home screen layout.

Flash notifications:

Samsung devices can cause your phone’s camera LED to flash when you receive a call or message, making it impossible to miss. 

To enable it: 

Go to Settings on your smartphone>Go to Accessibility>Enter advanced settings>Tap Flash notification>Tap Flash camera notifications>Turn on the camera flash notification. You can enable flash notifications for selected apps also. The user should double tap the screen to turn it on and off. 

Tap To wake;

If you want to quickly open or close your phone without pressing the power key, double-tap the screen to wake or turn off the phone. 

To do this: 

Go to Settings > Advanced features > Motions & Gestures. 

Tap the toggle button by a double tap to turn on the screen and double tap to turn off the screen. You can also turn on Lift to wake, which lights up the screen when you pick up the phone. Double tap to turn off the screen to Mute incoming calls and alarms by flipping your phone. You can convert the phone or reset the screen to silence alarms or calls.

Honorary Mentions: Highlights;

While a notable feature coming in One UI 4.1 includes a colour palette, extensions, additional dimming mode, notification calendar, and others, Samsung has a lot to offer. Other highlights. 

Take a selfie with voice or hand gestures. Open the Camera app. Tap Settings in the top left corner. Scroll down and tap “Capture method.” 

Users should Tap the on/off button next to “Voice Commands” and “Show Palms.” 

You can now activate the shutter by saying “smile,” “cheese,” “capture,” or “take a photo.” It works with both front and rear cameras. To take a selfie or video with a gesture, simply hold and place your palm on the front camera or say, “Record video.” 

That is a lot of features a customizable UI has to offer, and thus, it makes the One UI stand out in this regard. There is a reason Samsung is so aggressive when it’s about One UI updates or enhancements even further.

Harsh is a seasoned technology enthusiast with a deep passion for Android. Since its announcement in 2007, he has closely followed the evolution of this operating system, gaining a comprehensive understanding of its features and capabilities. His background in Android, IT, and Journalism has equipped him with the skills to analyze and present complex technological concepts in a clear and engaging manner. As the Editor-in-Chief at, Harsh is dedicated to sharing his knowledge and experiences about Android, services, and applications with the world.


How To Join One UI 6 Watch Beta Program



Samsung has already introduced One UI 6 Watch features for Galaxy Watch users in health, including Energy Score and Galaxy AI-powered health tips. 

Samsung is bringing Galaxy AI to the Galaxy Watch, enhancing its popular health features and providing users with more personalized and secure health experiences. The new Energy Score feature analyzes personal health metrics to provide a better understanding of daily conditions and offers motivational tips to improve wellness.

The Korean tech giant officially launched the WearOS 5-based beta program for the One UI 6 Watch earlier. The tests concern, in particular, smartwatch models from Samsung, namely the Galaxy Watch 6 and the Watch 6 Classic.

If you want to install the One UI 6 Watch beta on your Galaxy Watch, you have to follow these steps:

How To Join One UI 6 Watch Beta Program for Galaxy Watch

  • The One UI 6 Watch beta program is only available in the United States and South Korea, at least for the time being.
  • If you follow us from one of these countries, you can access the beta test through the Samsung Members app and the appropriate banner on the main screen.
  • Once you’ve joined, you’ll be able to download the update through the Galaxy Wearable app settings, like a regular update.
  • The required download is more than 1.5 to 2 GB, so we recommend that you stay connected to the Wi-Fi network and only start it with a smartwatch battery life of more than 30%.

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One UI 6.1: Must-Try Features That Make Your Galaxy Phone Even Better



Samsung has brought several new features with the One UI 6.1 update. Despite the hype of some Galaxy AI features, other new changes did not come into the limelight, so in this article, we will discuss some of the useful functionalities that will provide you with a whole new experience of customization.

How to Use Samsung Galaxy AI Copy and paste the object Feature

With the One UI 6.1 update, users will get more convenience while placing the objects in the images; however, it is not limited to only one image, and you can also copy and paste the object from one image to another. To do that, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the gallery, then tap and hold the object.
  2. Once it pops up, you can drag it to another image.
  3. Alternatively, you can see a copy option at the top of the object; just tap on it.
  4. Once done, go to the other image where you want to pass the image. 
  5. Then tap on and hold the empty place in the image, and tap on the paste button.

For more convenience, Samsung has also allowed users to paste the images to other Galaxy devices directly if they are working on the same Samsung account.

How to Use Samsung Galaxy AI Enhanced Lock screen customization

Galaxy users have several customization options that bring the ability to give a personal creative lock screen. Now with One UI 6.1, you will receive some new options like effects and frames. With the effects option, you can directly apply different effects to the photo and also select desired frames to apply the effects. To use the effects, follow the below steps.

  1. First, go to the gallery.
  2. Choose the desired image you want to use on the lock screen. 
  3. Once you choose the image, tap on the three-dot menu and select’set’image in lock screen.
  4. Then there will be an edit window where you will see two buttons at the bottom of the screen for effects and frames. 
  5. When you choose the frame option, you can also customize frames.

How to Use Galaxy AI Directly search the images on the internet with Circle

Samsung is the first company to introduce the circle-to-search feature on their devices. With normal usage, you can search any image that appears on your device, and you can also use it to immediately get information about any products by simply clicking photos with your camera.

Galaxy AI: How to use your voice for live text to call for translation

Now users can easily use the live text to call translation on their own by following these simple steps:

  1. Go to settings and select advanced features.
  2. Now tap on Advanced Intelligence.
  3. Here is the first option named “phone
  4. Now through the text call settings
  5. Here, you can customize the voice and apply your own.
  6. Now it will take some voice samples and feed them to a new file, which will create your own voice pack.

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How to Use Galaxy AI Summarize and Translate Feature on Samsung Phones



If you like to read articles on the internet, you will love the Galaxy AI summarization feature, which will help you quickly read the main concept of the article and also take advantage of on-demand translation of the content into your language.

Initially, it looks like the feature may be available for all the browsers installed on Galaxy devices, but while exploring the feature, we got to know that you can take advantage of the summarization and translation abilities only from the Samsung Internet browser. Let’s learn about how to use the feature. 

Galaxy AI Summarize and Translate Feature on Samsung Internet Browser

The summarization and translation of web pages work as an assistant, which works on demand from users, so it suits the browsing assist function. When it arrived, it looked like a premium feature, so there were some rumors that it might be limited to the Galaxy S24 devices, but with the latest development, the expansion of One UI 6.1, the feature was spotted on all the flagship devices released last year.

How to use Galaxy AI Summarize and Translate feature

  1. First, open the Samsung Internet browser.
  2. then search for whatever you want to read. When the page loads, tap on the star icon (Galaxy AI icon) in the center of the toolbar.
  3. Now, pick one of two options. either summarize or translate and wait until it processes. If you want to take a more detailed summary, then you can select the Detailed option, or for a shorter summary, you can go for Standard. 
  4. After the summary, you can also translate the content into the desired language by tapping on the translate button.

It is worth noticing that the browsing assist doesn’t work on all the sites because some sites use paywalls that don’t give access to the AI. However, once you subscribe to the particular site, you can easily do the translation and summarization.

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